Oh em geeeeeee. I am by NO MEANS an elaborate baker or chef but I do know some thangs and I *DO* know shortcuts and love to keep it easy. You read the title, you know the drill– expect something DANKY from this recipe!

***This post in collaboration with Yellowbird hot sauce, which I’ll sing their praises in a bit! Praise the Lawwwwd for a partnership I am so excited about!




Yellowbird hot sauce

I have been making this 2X a week at least. This, since I moved to Texas. Before I even got in contact with Yellowbird!

Let me tell you why this recipe is the bomb. Because you know it goes further than “it tastes good.”

Number one- I am nuts about getting my beta-carotene in every day. I am convinced it helps keep your skin EXTRA healthy. Beta Carotene turns into vitamin A- something our body does not produce naturally. Vitamin A helps cell turnover. We’re constantly wanting to “turn over our cells” externally- but internal work is important too!

Number two- there ARE health benefits to your hot sauce and, while it adds tons of flavor, it’s NOT high in calories. I’m about it.

Yellowbird Hot Sauce 1

So recipes with things like sweet potatoes and carrots (high beta-carotene content) are very important to me. And with hot sauce as the ticket to flavor town? Sure thang!

This recipe is simple:

1. BAKE or BOIL a sweet potato. Whole. Leave the skin on for extra nutrients. I LOVE LEAVING THE SKIN ON- however, this is not for everyone. Sometimes I like my sweet potatoes soft, sometimes hard, I really find it the same and don’t prefer either texture. However, a little harder is easier to slice and eat like toast.

Yellowbird hot sauce 2

2. Douse it in hot sauce. Can I tell you about the BEST hot sauce ever? Yellowbird hot sauce baby. This stuff is HUUUUGE in Texas. Like majority of the time you see hot sauces out at restaurants- it will be Yellowbird. People are obsessed with the bird here! Texas people know their hot sauce. Just like SFers know their ice cream and burritos. Ya feel me? The ingredients are THICK and CLEAN (not all watery and filler based like Tapatio! Yuck.) Yellowbird is the REAL deal and super affordable! Get it at most supermarkets- it is almost always at Whole Foods.

SO yes, douse it in hot sauce after you have sliced up the sweet potato. Again, I like mine like a “toast.”

3. Sprinkle “Everything But The Bagel” seasoning from Trader Joes all over. I know so many women have this in their cabinet right now- this is just another way to use it. This seasoning compliments the hot sauce SO WELL I promise you. It also gives a lasting flavor after you swallow that is so so savory.

THAT’S IT!! Just those 3 ingredients! Super affordable recipe.

I eat this as a snack, I’ve had it as a meal. It is incredibly satisfying.

As for my favorite Yellowbird sauces– I have three that I like the most.

Yellowbird Hot Sauce 4

Typically I go for the Blue Agave hot sauce- it’s spicy but almost has a slight sweetness to it.

I also like the green Serrano sauce as it’s the mildest.

The habanero (orange) is HOT but so good. I get messages often in my DMs (once I’ve mentioned Yellowbird) about readers loving the Habanero. I think this is a universal favorite?!

You really can’t go wrong. Plus it looks so cute and yummy when plated.

If you try this- you MUST let me know your thoughts! Like does the below NOT look like a girl who is thoroughly ENJOYING her hot sauce sweet potato slice? 😛 😛 C’mon now!

yellowbird hot sauce 5
Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.

I love a super EASY, HEALTHY recipe! More to come!