Photography by: Daniel Fabia

You know how Maxi dresses can be so easy to just throw on with a pair of flip flops or sandals? It can make you look polished and put together and you don’t even have to try hard. It’s forever a summer favorite of mine.

But maxi dresses can also be an easy go-to during the winter. One way I like style them when it’s cold out? With ankle toe booties.

If flip flops/sandals are the “easy summer shoe” for a maxi dress, then the black ankle toe bootie is the easy winter shoe. It keeps it dressed up and is also practical. AND you don’t have to paint your toenails! #LazyGirlScore 😉

Two takeaways I have for styling maxi dresses in the winter:

Tip #1: Pair your maxi with ankle booties

These ankle booties or something like it (you might already have!) would be perfect if you want something a little higher but still manageable for daytime. These would also look great with skinny jeans. And once it gets warm again- denim cut off shorts!

Now these ankle booties would be more for comfort. But they still make you looked pulled together and effortless while remaining cozy. They have this pair in maroon too- which would look sooo nice with anything- remember what I said about universal colors! That’s an useful tip!

Tip #2: Be selective your jackets

For jackets, grab one that’s cropped if you want to show off more curves. Example: you could wear it with a leather jacket (this one is SUCH a good faux) or a short blazer. <— How cute is J.Crew’s blazer of the season btw?! Also really digging this number from MissGuided, supes jazzy.

If you want to be more on the warm and cozy side, grab a jacket that’s longer and hits the mid-back of your thigh or lower -like an oversize knit cardigan or more of a duster style coat (this one is SO cute and still has all sizes available.)

IMGP8083-33 (1)

IMGP8090-36 (1)

What styling tips do you guys have for maxi dresses in the winter? Share share! xx