I’m a straight up NERD about my clothes. Protective about keeping them looking prime time. So I’m going share some tried and true deets regarding denim care with y’all… in case you were interested.

If you think that the way you wash your jeans doesn’t affect it’s wash (color and design), fit, and longevity then YOU are wrong my friend.

Some people just throw their jeans in the washer and dryer and call it a day. Some just wash their jeans and then hang them to dry. The latter is better but that’s still not enough people! 😛

If you want to keep the stitching tighter in the long run (which is important to keep up the shape) and you want to keep the wash looking closer to new, follow these steps:

Step 1: Before washing, push down all pockets, unroll any cuffs, zip up zipper and button. This helps keep the shape.

Step 2: Pull them inside out. This will help from roughing up the texture and preserving the wash.

Step 3: Wash them on the gentlest cycle there is. Usually it’s marked hand wash or delicate. Wash in warm (not hot) water.

Step 4: If you want to be extra careful, only let them spin in the spin cycle for a short duration- maybe a minute or two. You don’t want your jeans getting twisted and pulled too much.

Step 5: Air-dry them. And if you don’t want to air dry them, then put your jeans in the dryer till they are about 85% dry. So pretty much they are dryer than damp, but not completely dried yet. They will still be kinda cold to the touch in a way.

A few other tips regarding denim washing-

Brand new super dark hues will of course bleed.  Supposedly if you add a half cup of vinegar to the wash for the first few times it helps prevent color transfer. Personally I just wash new jeans with old towels I don’t care about the first few times. To each their own!

The less you wash your jeans, the better (derr.)

Try to spot clean your denim when possible (as opposed to washing the pair entirely.)

I know you know this, but the more quality the pair of jeans, the longer it will last you.

However, with any pair of jeans (whether it’s from Nordstroms or Forever 21), you’ll get more longevity when you wash them with a little more attention and love! Promise.

Any of you guys got some good ole’ tried and true laundry tips? Do tell!

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