I love telling people this style tip. The tip about “universal colors.”

Black, white, gray… those colors are classic and always a hit. And they pair well with anything. But I’ll give you three other colors that are also easy to pair with anything. They’re called universal colors- colors that work well in any combination. They’re pretty much fool proof and fabulous.|| Photos by: Daniel Fabia

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Universal Color One: MAROON

Maroon with royal blue.
Maroon is just gorgeous on ALL skin types and works with every single pop of color. Seriously. Even neon yellow if you really wanted to. Imagine pairing this dress with any pop of color- it would work!

Color pairings with maroon that are simply divine: Cherry red, mustard yellow, pale blue. Another favorite pairing- emerald green. Ahhhh. So pretty.

Here, I’m wearing beige, teal, AND brown and it totally works with my maroon kimono. Gotta love those universal colors.

Universal Color Two: NAVY BLUE

Navy blue always looks elegant, or classic and distinguished. And it goes with everything too. It’s a great alternative to black if you want some variety. Or pair navy blue WITH black. Can even add other pops of color on that if you wanted. Like below- the navy works with the black and pale pink, ALSO with the other colors in the blouse. Navy is that varied, folks.

Pink Vest

Navy blue and pale pink. That’s a favorite combo. 🙂

Navy blue and emerald green.

PS ugh why must this skirt be $215 🙁

Universal Color Three: FOREST GREEN

Ohhhhh Lordy probably one of my most favorite colors. It’s so rich and luxurious- especially when you play around with fun textures like silk, or mohair (aka those super fuzzy soft sweaters.) And, YEP… forest green goes with everything.

Cool colors with forest green: A deep burnt orange,  ANY kind of blue,  rich colors in the purple family. Try it!

Forest green with some basic white and grey and a pop of pink. 

Forest green with navy blue and a pop of red.

This color is just divine. How gorgeous would this dress be for the holidays? Like ON actual Christmas or at a work/family party? Elegant and stunning.

More style tips coming every week y’all. 🙂

Photos by: Daniel Fabia

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  1. Avatar

    A fellow INFP! You have rockin’ legs, by the way.

    I am so terrible at pairing colors that I can somehow manage to screw up even maroon. Sometimes I even mess up navy!!! My favorite colors are maroon, burgundy, navy, olive and black–maybe because they’re so hard to mess up (yet… somehow…)

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      I bet you look amazing!! We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes- me included! But yes the universal colors are such a great pattern to follow! Thank you for the support and reading VF! YAY INFPS 🙂 xx Katey


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