Now… when you saw “$2 lipstick”… did you immediately think, “What? From Wet N Wild or something?” because we all know that’s one of the cheapest (if not THEE cheapest) makeup brands out there. A lot of their stuff isn’t too great- let’s be honest. Their nail polish wears off in like, 3 seconds.

But oh what the f*ck?! The staying power of their LIPSTICK is bat shit crazy insane. As in, we don’t understand how a $1.99 lipstick is kicking the ass of some $20+ lip stains out there.

Wet & Wild Lip Stick Review-2
This lipstick claims to have “4 hour” staying power but it’s seriously more like 6 hours. Like New York writer, Karley Sciortino, hilariously put in an Into The Gloss interview:

“This is my thing—Wet ’n Wild lipstick costs $1.99 and it’s the greatest lipstick on Earth. I have a ton of colors. All my friends didn’t believe me and now they all thank me. Because they’re matte, they stay on forever. Sometimes if I’m wasted, I’ll pass out in them, and I’ll wake up in the morning and they’ll still be on.”

I straight up went to bed with it one night to see if it’d still be on the next day… excuse the lighting (obviously different from day to night) and the shitty cell phone quality!

But look at this! ^^NIGHT: I had all my makeup off… well, minus some smudged eyeliner. And then I put on the lipstick and went to bed!

^^MORNING: Color still there! (Spotlight Red) It faded a tiny amount and “settled” into lines a bit.. but did not smudge! At all! As my Grandpa would say: “Well I’ll be damned!” haha

Wet & Wild Lip Stick Review-4

Even the gals from Urban Bush Babes recommended it in their ITG interview. Claiming that it’s their go-to “low budget” lipstick.

This lipstick is meal tested too. Stays on for at least a meal!

Bottom line deets of this Wet N Wild Lipstick Review:
1. It’s a semi-matte formula. And honay– it’s thick. Talking heavily pigmented. To sheer it out we recommend putting on lip balm before and after. Or at least before.
2. It’s a bit drying- but nothing chapstick touchups didn’t fix.
3. Read the reviews of other people!

This lipstick was first recommended to VF by a reader (not sponsored)! LOVE hearing your guy’s recommendations. Have you guys tried this lipstick before or will be trying it in the future? What’s your go to long lasting lipstick?

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    Rad | The Snobby Foodie

    I love honest posts about cosmetics. It’s so hard to find a lipstick that doesn’t budge and can handle my coffee and boba addiction. I’ve been wearing Mac ($16) for the longest time and love it. A woman at the make up counter urged me to try Tom Ford ($52!?). She praised it on how it lasts forever and looks amazing. I bought it, and was extremely disappointed. Needless to say, I marched back up to that make up counter and returned that ish. In your experience wearing it, does the Wet n Wild dry out your lips or do you feel like it still keeps them moisturized?

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Hell yeah you marched back up there! We would too. Hate when the expensive shit doesn’t perform!! I thought it wasn’t drying- Katey did but said with some chapstick it was perfectly fine. We’ve still been wearing it so it fully gets our approval for all said it does… which is stay put and a point for being heavily pigmented!


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