Ahhh… the heavily sequined blouse. Warm, flattering, and most definitely swanky! And styling sequin blouses? It’s easy. I’ll elaborate on that in a minute.

Sequin blouses are more popular now, but I’ve been a fan of them for awhile now. I remember wearing one a few years ago (when we weren’t really seeing them on the market yet) and this girl I worked with at the time was like, “Did you just go shopping at Caché or something?” Implying that it was an “old lady” shirt…. and thus, further implying that “old lady” was a bad thing.

I was diggin’ my fit so I didn’t care, BUT… it was still irritating. Because, girlfriend…  you just don’t hate on old lady style.

Has our generation not recognized it yet? A lot of older women –yes I’m talking 70’s and up herehave SO much steeze it’s ridiculous! Why can’t we be inspired by them in certain ways? I’m all for it! Older women very much influence my take on fashion.

Pretty much, a genuine love and appreciation for style means NO age bias. We gotta nix that thinking.

So, notice how I said… heavy sequin blouses are not JUST for Grandmas anymore. They aught to be rocked across all generations!

The reason? Uhhh how about because they are SO fun to wear! How about… because they are thicker in fabric and weight so they keep you way warmer than most tops (sans jacket) will on a night out. How about because styling sequin blouses is actually REALLY easy to do because they literally need zero to little accessorizing as they’re such statement pieces just by themselves. Seriously… for winter, just throw them over a pair of jeans (skinny, boyfriend, or flared) OR some leather leggings and call it good-ta-go! 

I wore a BRIGHT RED sequin blouse for this past New Years and got so many compliments on it! This blouse… well, you would have seen it if you watched my silly, drunky snapchats! But it was a fun one. (User: Yurkstyle)

Okay fine, here’s a blurry photo! (BTW Cyn is probably scowling right now- she *hates* when I upload any blurry photos haha. It’s for the story Cyn!!)

styling sequin blouses

Cheezin’ SO hard. I wasn’t as warm as I’d be if I had a jacket, but… I was warm enough! And I didn’t have to carry a jacket! Thank you sequin blouse! Not that I haven’t worn a sequin blouse under a jacket before…

styling sequin blouses

…I have! Granted this was a sequin tank, but still. You get the point. I love em.

This sequin blouse though, is my ultimate favorite. I’ve had it for years…

styling sequin blouses

I got it at a Goodwill. Which, by the way… there are so many SICK ASS sequin blouses floating around in thrift shops. You gotta take advantage! I got mine for maybe $5.

And look how cute my friend Sarah looks in her sequin top (which I’m currently borrowing.) She got hers back in the day at J. Crew.

styling sequin blouses

Sequin blouses can be for BINGO and the party y’all. 😉

styling sequin blouses

If you guys don’t feel like perusing the thrift stores, might I suggest some of the cute ones in store? Look at the sequin blouse selection at ASOS right now! (NOT SPONSORED!)… But should be. Haha. 🙂 #SendMoney

Rock it out mamas.

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    Rad | The Snobby Foodie

    Hahha love this post. Re-purposing things that seem outdated is awesome! Now time to go thrifting…


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