Tartine Bakery & Cafe rocks my world.

If you haven’t heard the name, then you obviously don’t live in San Francisco.

Or you’ve been living under a rock.

Or if you’ve heard of it… but have yet to try it… WTF are you waiting for?! 😛

Not only does this little bakery have over 6,000 Yelp reviews (secretly not too keen on Yelp though), but they’ve also been featured in NY Times, SF Gate, Wall St. Journal, Oprah Magazine… the list goes on. And it’s extensive.

Tartine Bakery is known for their amazing pastries and pretty much their amazing…. everything. Seriously everything.

People even love the ethos behind Tartine: they use organic produce as much as possible and use organic flour, sugar, and local eggs.

Pretty great, right?

First things first. This bakery draws in locals and tourists alike, so the line is infamous for being absurdly long. But don’t worry, the lines move fast.

They have 3-4 people that take your order, then you pay up front, and you find a seat to sit (or stand).

Tartine Bakery

This bread pudding. OMG.

I’ve never had bread pudding before, so this was a total #gamechanger for me.

Think: warm, not too sweet, and melty delicious. The “bread” is more like an egg custard topped with an arrangement of fresh seasonal fruits. It kind of tastes like dessert for breakfast… and you know I am entirely down for that.

Tartine Bakery Almond Croissant

Holy cow. The flakey almond croissant. *jaw drop*

Pretty much the best almond croissant I’ve ever had. It’s perfectly baked: crusty and flakey on the outside; while remaining sweet, buttery, and soft on the inside. YES.

The croissant is cut in half, so that bits of almond are also placed in the middle, making for the perfect bite.

Tartine Bakery Lemon Tart

Oh my GOODNESS the Lemon Cream Tart!!!!! Like I died and went to heaven.

Alright guys. This is my favorite thing here. Picture me right now just drooling as I write this. It’s that good.

It’s made with a sweet pastry shell filled with rich lemon cream. And the crust? It added the perfect balance to the tart, which was creamy and tangy. It’s outta. this. world. You gotta try it.

And for those of you who aren’t into the whole sweet & tangy thing… then here’s the next best choice:

Tartine Bakery Banana Tart

The Banana Cream Tart. Seriously? DROOL.

The banana tart is extraordinary, it has just the right amount of bananas with just the right amount of chocolate and cream. It’s topped with a flakey dark chocolate that just melts in seconds.

Ok. – I lied. I could have gone for more chocolate. Because who can’t? Still bomb though.

Inside the tart is so much banana that you just taste freshness with each bite. Once you hit the bottom of the tart, you’ll find a sweet spread of chocolate embedded into the flaky crust. NOM.

Tartine Bakery

Their Mocha. So legit. 

Caffeine time of course. Their mocha is served in a huge bowl. It’s so smooth and delicious and pairs well with any of the pastries and desserts above. It’s pretty much happiness in a bowl.

So if you didn’t know already. Now you know. Tartine bakery and cafe is a must try for any local and tourist visiting San Francisco.

PS: If you do decide to come to Tartine Bakery, then you have to fully commit. Don’t be discouraged by the lines you see outside, they seriously move fast. Tables are first come first serve, so keep an eye on those that are getting ready to leave.

For an even more swell time, take your baked goods across the street to Dolores Park to enjoy your goodies with a view of SF! Glorrrrrious.

Tartine Bakery & Cafe
600 Guerrero St (In the Mission between 18th and 19th st.)

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