True story: When I was baby, I was such an effing chunk monster that my parents legit worried that I’d turn out to be one of those 100 pound toddlers you see on the Maury show. I mean… I know babies have “cute little rolls”… but people, I had ROLLLLLLLLS. Why? Well, my beautiful Mother only craved chocolate while pregnant with me… and apparently after too- because the Doctor said the milk I was getting from my Mom was like CHOCOLATE MILK. Wayyyy sweeter than average. Thank G, I slimmed out. But what stuck with me was annoying true love for chocolate! I love my chocolate. But I eat too much of it. I do! Ask any of my friends. This is not an exaggeration. I am THEE #ChocoQueen

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Here’s the thing though… I know that giving up chocolate all together is not realistic for me! And a life 100% without chocolate seems so sad and boring! None the less, I probably shouldn’t be having so much of it.

You know how there are all those expensive ass artisan chocolate bars in specialty stores/markets all around SF? They are like, 2X (or more) the price of regular chocolate. Yeah, I never used to buy those. (See’s stores still get me though!)

But THEN. Cynthia and I got to tour the chocolate factory of TCHO. Do y’all know TCHO? It’s a chocolate factory that’s based in the Bay area. SUCH a cool tour. And their chocolate is INCRED. Anyway… it changed my whole outlook on chocolate. I kid you not. Before I get into why… you can just see from this video that it was a Willy Wonka kind of experience.

(I laughed so hard at the end PS!)

Video by the ever talented, Melissa De Mata

I realized how much of a delicacy chocolate can be, and how it’s quite truly supposed to be more of an experience to eat. Slowly enjoyed… with a more thoughtful moment. Not just popping a Hershey kiss in your mouth while scrolling through Instagram. You know what I’m talking about? Like, chocolate really should be enjoyed…. at worst, slowly.  At best, romantically.

….Ugh now I just made myself want chocolate… great.

Anyway! I started to think to myself… if I started to eat ONLY the good stuff- I’d probably end up eating less chocolate than I do now. And I’ll actually start to appreciate chocolate in more healthy, sexy way!  Basically, I’m telling myself no more mindlessly eating it. And no more of the cheaply made shit. Cheats will happen though I’m only hunan! lol but I’m going to try so hard!

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Upon talking with TCHO‘s Chief Chocolate Maker (actual title!), Brad Kintzer, a few things he said stood out to me that day.

For one: Is this NOT the most romantic way of describing why chocolate is incredible and how it should be experienced?

“When you eat (not gobble) a quality chocolate bar… it translates to a very slow and elongated delivery of an amazing array of flavors. There is no other food that gives you this combination of flavor and mouthfeel! Then, of course, there are all the non-flavor related psychoactive chemicals in chocolate that simply make you feel lovely.” <— That chocolate “mouthfeel” is no joke though!

Second: Did you know that quality chocolate is actually actually better for you? (Or derrrr is that obvious? lol) It’s also better for the farmers involved overseas too. #Humanity y’all!

“If you really want to experience the full beauty of the flavors of the cocoa bean, you have to reduce the sugar and use good quality cocoa. At TCHO, we find the best way to do that is by working directly with the farmers growing our cocoa so we can be sure to produce super tasty chocolate. By buying better beans, we can make a better bar and the farmers benefit financially because we can buy directly.

TCHO chocolate review 6

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Honestly you guys, I think saying NO to shit chocolate is the only way I can start eating less of it.
It makes it an attainable goal. More expensive, sure… but better (health wise) and a way to possibly enjoy it even more by eating less.

TCHO chocolate review 1

Super interested in joining ChocoCurb too. It’s like Birchbox but for chocolate.

But um… no it’s insane. And kind of genius if you like to plan your desserts/snacks or just effing enjoy chocolate like I do! It’s a box of artisan chocolates sent out every month. Picked out with thought in mind! The best chocolate bars out there. DROOL!

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One of the bars I had was infused with ROSE….. holy shet. Incredible.

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Annnddd that’s my game plan y’all! Quality chocolate only– from here on out! I do want to know… have any of you tried TCHO or Chococurb? Or what’s your favorite fancy chocolate? Because if any of you are as big of a chocoholic as me then we need to be friends. 😉 

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