I often get asked about my diet. What do I eat on a regular basis? What strong stances do I have? Do I adhere to anything particular?

PLEASE NOTE– I COMPLETELY believe in bio-individuality. We are all so different. Different needs. Different circumstances. I am just sharing MY diet but not giving ANY advice whatsoever. I’m also not certified in anything- just an avid researcher.

When it comes to my diet, I allow for splurges, but for the most part- I am very calculated and intuitive in how I eat.

Before I studied food so intensely, I believed that I could eat anything in moderation. Now I definitely won’t eat just anything. Even in moderation. In fact there are even a lot of “healthy” foods I completely stay away from.

I was anorexic for years, so I used to look at food ONLY as calories. Now, being more than four years recovered, calories are an after-thought. I look at food as beautiful, nutritious, life-giving, powerful… the way nature and God intended.


These are ten VERY BASIC guidelines of my current diet. In another post I’ll do another 10 that’s even more in depth.

Here we go!!

1. I eat a TON of vegetables. If there is one universal fact that ALL diets agree on- it is, EAT MORE PLANTS. I eat a wide variety every single day.

2. I consume fruit daily, but I limit it. I think it can be great for the liver and skin. But I don’t overdo it. Like if I have a fruit-packed smoothie- I probably won’t snack on fruit later on in the day. I have an insane sweet tooth and the more sweet things I eat- the more I crave it. The less sweet things I eat, the less I crave it. So I need to be careful. Two doctors I closely follow (although not entirely- I don’t follow anyone entirely) both agree that fruit should be limited. Dr. Axe is big on limiting but definitely not eeeeelimiting fruit. Dr. Gundry takes a more controversial stance– he almost entirely eliminates fruits.  So I limit it, I don’t fear it, I am calculated with the fruits I know are best for the liver and skin… and I leave it at that! ***There are many doctors who argue we don’t get enough fruit. So listen to your body. We’re all different.

3. Speaking of fruit, I typically eat my fruit first thing in the morning or if I haven’t eaten in the last three hours. Fruit digests QUICK (like in 20-3o minutes) so I don’t want it getting backed up over food that is still digesting. I like my fruit on an empty stomach.

4. I rarely eat meat. Like I’m talking, less than 5-10 times a year. I believe people either feel better when they eat meat… or they feel worse. Physically- for me, after eating meat I feel more sluggish and bloated. Mentally, I think eating meat has an impact on my depression. I can elaborate on that on another post if you want.

Even if I did NOT feel worse after eating meat, I still wouldn’t likely eat much of it. I believe too much meat consumption CAN impact heart health (not saying it will, but it can)  and that is a big concern for me because of my past with Adderall and other pills– it really took a toll on my heart when I was at my worst. Keeping my heart strong these days is very important to me. That said…. I DO take collagen daily for my joints, skin, and gut. Although not technically meat- it is an animal product. So…. as you can see, I am never 100% black and white with anything in my diet.

5. I try to limit eggs. They inflame my skin (except externally- I love a good egg yolk mask. Which is ironic, right?) In my diet, eggs aren’t my best friend. I had a good year and half long stint where I ate a LOT of eggs and when I look back at photos of myself I really see it in my face and body– very, very inflamed. My whole body. When I took them out of my diet (I add or subtract only one thing at a time so I can better measure results) I noticed an immediate difference. Like within a week. So I’ll likely never go back to eating eggs every day. Or often, for that matter. That said, if I eat products with eggs in it now and then, I’m fine. I really think it’s the amount and frequency that matters.

Dairy in general-  I avoid. I am strict 99% of the time. It really messes with my eczema flareups.

6. I do try to eat mainly organic. I am not down with bioaccumulating pesticides in my body if I can partially avoid it. But f*ck, this is such a privileged statement. I understand not everyone can do this. Heck,  I can’t do this all the time. But I’ve found ways to save money. Like I am a big fan of understanding where my dollar stretches with organic produce. (Red cabbage for instance- gets you a LOT of yield for your dollar. Peppers- not so much!) If something is on the CLEAN 15 list- I am likely to choose non-organic. The dirty dozen- I always buy organic. If I can’t afford the organic produce- I opt for something else! Also– ORGANIC is so far from a perfect label. There are still pesticides being used. Just something to know.

For the 2019 Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen list– look here.

7. I limit gluten. I freaking love bread, but if the option for gluten-free is available, I take it. Double points if it’s also dairy free! But yes, I very much limit my grains. Too much gluten really bloats me. I’m not celiac, I don’t get physically SICK after… but I am definitely irritated by it. So I reserve gluten for special occasions. This is something I learned simply by listening to my body.

8. I stay away from highly processed vegetable oils. These are oils that have been through the wringer in how they are made, are cheap to make, and HIGH in Omega 6s. They can be highly inflammatory and damaging to the body. I am VERY STRICT about staying away from these oils. Palm oil, canola, soybean oil, grape-seed oil, etc…. I don’t go near it. Also– Whole Foods needs to find a new oil for their hot bar. Please!

9. Sweeteners I try to stick to are dates, honey, and maple syrup. Those are still sweet as heck and should be limited- but I LOVE that they have some powerful health benefits attached to them– unlike cane sugar or fake sugar. Sometimes, very rarely, I’ll do monk-fruit. Every once in a VERY blue moon I’ll try stevia. But I don’t always like the taste. Fruits like bananas also make for a great sweetener! I opt for that frequently as well.

At the end of the day I have a problematic sweet tooth! Like I could eat sweets all day and nothing else if I really wanted to. So I need to be careful and not live in excess with sweets. Because I could!!!! I easily could.

10. I try to fast at least 12 hours a day. For me, it is a very healing reset. Because of my past with anorexia- I have to be sooo careful to not take this too far. In fact, I had read about the benefits of fasting for years before I ever felt like it was a good idea for me to try it out.  Every now and then, I’ll do a 16 hour fast. When I have urgent digestion issues, sometimes I’ll even do 24. But that is DAMN hard for me so it doesn’t happen often. Btw– there is also talk around the idea that fasting can mess with a woman’s hormones. It doesn’t seem to mess with mine- but it’s something I’m conscious of and monitor.

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    I love this list so much!! Any chance you’d share an example of a day in the life of your diet on the blog? This is exactly how I try to eat as well, but sometimes I get stuck with meal ideas. Just a thought 🙂

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Hi Lauren! So glad you liked the article! I have been toying around with the idea of doing a classic day of eating! I’ll plan for it in January! Thank you for the VF support! x Katey


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