So this wasn’t prompted at all– but I really, really, REALLY wanted to tell you guys about Starbird Chicken if you haven’t already heard of them! They are basically SUPER PREMIUM (yes I mean that) fast food and their little restaurant is just SO cute and fun and the chicken is BOMB DIGGITY. #BombAssDankAss — my friends, it earned that title!

First off, Starbird is located in Sunnyvale. 2141 W El Camino Real to be exact.

Second, the heart and brains behind Starbird Chicken are from The Culinary Edge in San Francisco and let me tell you something, the people at The Culinary Edge are some of the most passionate about food that I have ever met or known of. They’ve brought us Little Gem, ROAM Burgers, and BUN MEE…. just to name a few.

Third… Starbird is quite the “fast casual” dining experience. You know how McDonalds (and the like) leaves you wondering WTF you just ate… the place is kind of grimy (has to be said)… the coffee is “eh”… the food isn’t local…. shall I go on? You get the point.

Starbird is fixing what’s wrong with fast food. They incorporate a local approach where they can (like using Three Twins Ice Cream for their DELICIOUS ice cream cones)… they’re coffee is sooo good (They use Equator Coffee actually! <— All women ran company too which is pretty sweet.)…. They have salads and grilled chicken in conjunction with their fried chicken (which really, tastes like the “healthiest” fried chicken I’ve ever had- is that in my mind? I don’t know.) And their spot is open and airy and cheery! Oh and they don’t have a drive thru- they have something better. You can order from an app and it’s delivered to your car in the parking spot!

They have lemonade with the cutest straws. They have employees that are always smiling and happy to serve you. They feel like a “family” joint. They have real glass soda bottles! They package their chicken sandos up in the cutest way and their breakfast is one that you’d actually crave on any given day, as opposed to “well, this is a last resort.” In a nutshell: They’re awesome! My favorite “fast food” spot to date.

Here are some photos I took during my most recent trips a few months ago! I recommend everything I captured! 😛

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 5
Ohhhhhhh SHIZ. Breakfast sando!

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 6
Decor on point! Don’t you just want to sit here with your friends and family?

Starbird Chicken
Like I’m sorry but what fast food place looks like this?!

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale
I mean… old school coke bottles? It’s all in the details baby! That’s what makes the difference.

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 1
So bright and happy!

 Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 3
*actual gasp*… their chicken tacos!!!!!!!!

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 4
Absolutely love that they serve Equator Coffee (vs. typical shit fast food coffee) Equator coffee is really good y’all.

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 7
Like THIS is a breakfast I crave.

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 8
Don’t get me on their chicken and waffle stix!!!! HOLY MOLY. Too good.

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 9
I mean… this does NOT look like fast food.

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 10
Cutest open air back patio!

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 11
They ain’t lyin’ 😉

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 12

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 13
Open concept kitchen!

Starbird Chicken Sunnyvale 14

Go visit y’all! It’s affordable, it’s fun, it’s sooooo good. A chicken lover’s must. 😉

1241 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA

Their instagram: @StarbirdChicken