It is no secret. I love a good mask.

I mask at least 3X a week. It’s a ritual, it’s a habit I’ve dedicated myself to. I KNOW my skin thanks me for it.

If you don’t mask- hop on it girl! In addition to your regular skincare routine- masks pack a powerful punch. It’s like a super-boost. HIGHLY recommend.

And while I am known for the sheet masks, there’s another kind I’ve grown partial to. Waterless, Powder-form masks. I have Truself Organics to thank for this little lightbulb, as I am working with them for this and am in la la love with their product.

Here’s why I like powder-form masks:
1. They are mostly PRESERVATIVE free. Preservatives are bad for our system and can have anti-aging properties! YUCK. It’s near impossible for a mask to be completely preservative free, but TruSelf is damn close.
2. Powder form makes it longer lasting.
3. You can pair the powder base with whatever your skin is craving- water, apple cider vinegar, plant-based milk, etc. It gives you options.
4 It can be extra cost efficient. Many people who use powder form masks love it because they say they get a lot of bang for their buck. For example: You get about ~20 uses per TruSelf mask. That comes out to about $1 per mask. HELLLLZ YA. I am all for cost efficient.

Whether you are doing some added self-care for the switching of the seasons (does everyone’s skin not freak out during a seasonal transition?? SO WEIRD.) Or just to do a “nicey” for yourself- it’s good to pamper your skin with new ingredients and techniques. I am a big fan of switching it up.

Let’s talk about the powder form masks I have been using. (You can use the code VF30 for 30% off sitewide if you choose to. As usual, I make no commission off sales!)

BOTH of these masks are easy to use: You just mix part powder, part liquid! Leave it on for 10-30 minutes and rinse off! Easy to bring on your carry on too since it’s not liquid form. 😉

1. The DETOX mask.

I use this mask about 1-2X per month. I would use it more but I already use a retinol which is a chemical exfoliant, so I’m already detoxing a lot. This mask though- HOLY WOW IT’S POWERFUL.

In my experience, it pulls out dirt and toxins from your skin and REALLY brightens you up. It’s so important to “clean out” your skin fairly often. Your products work better, your skin’s health and longevity is extended with regular practicing, and girrrrl you just look good after!

This mask has white willow bark in it which naturally pulls out toxins. It’s natural and it’s STRONG- I love it. Full list of the ingredients (from the site): “Created from the world’s finest natural clays, our mask is made up of a proprietary blend of: Calcium Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Rose Kaolin Clay, Moroccan Red Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Dead Sea Clay, Epsom Salt, White Willow Bark Extract” — CLEAN INGREDIENTS. That is the key!

BTW- your skin might be red after using this for a good 30 minutes. Don’t panic! For this reason I typically only leave it on for 10 minutes and that’s enough for me. Everyone is different though.

2. The SOOTHING mask.

This mask I will do more often as -hello- who doesn’t need a good soothing sesh? I feel like so many factors can inflame the skin: diet, sun, hormones, bad sleep, bad air, drinking, etc. This mask delivers a HUGE pack of nutrients to the skin. Kind of a restoring act, if you ask me.

This mask is VERY cooling. Really helps with redness and helps with tone and complexion. And can I add- IT SMELLS SO FRESH. Like you always want to make it into a tea it smells so good.

TruSelf Organics really nails the ingredients list here. It is CLEAN. Read the following: White Kaolin Clay, Organic Matcha, Colloidal Oatmeal, Cucumber Powder, Organic Peppermint Leaf Powder. Yes yes yesssss. I love matcha and cucumber in my masks!

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? Would you try water-less, powder form masks? 
Again- you can take 30% off SITEWIDE on TruSelf Organics with my code VF30. I make no commission, just happy to talk about a product I love!

Thank you again, TruSelf!

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