Blue Majik.
Blue-Green Algae.

These terms are fairly interchangeable. There’s a big chance you’ve seen this being added in smoothies and juices- typically as a popular add-in at a lot of juice shops. I go to Juiceland all the time (it’s in Austin) and probably 50% of the time I am getting a drink with blue majik in it. If it’s not already in it- I’ll request it.

What is Blue Majik?

Blue majik is a blue-green algae. It’s an extract of spirulina’s pigment- phycocyanin. It is the main ACTIVE in spirulina, which is a forest green color. The blue pigment comes from the algae’s photosynthetic compounds. Spirulina is high in protein and vitamins and low in calories, which is nice. It’s literally a huge wave of micro-nutrients for the body… which trust me, we need more of.

I’m a fan of sprinkling things like maca, camu-camu, and blue majik into my week into certain bevvys or easy recipes.

Benefits Of Blue Majik aka Blue-Green Algae

Man oh man!! I have read myself SILLY on this subject. I love research and science has a lot to say about blue-green algae, spirulina, and the like.

Benefits of blue green algae

Researched Benefits of Blue Majik

Blue Majik gives you all the essential amino acids you need in ONE go. Amino acids help synthesize protein. Essential amino acids are something we NEED but CANNOT make in our own body. [SOURCE]

Blue Majik helps with preventing and treating oxidative stress. Which, by the way… oxidative stress ages us!! Let’s prevent what we can! [SOURCE]

Blue Majik has a decent amount of iron and magnesium. Which quite often, we are deficient in. Don’t get me wrong, you serving of this does not have you covered. But a small bit gets you closer to your daily goal! [SOURCE]

Blue Majik, because of the spirulina, has anti-cancer compounds. I say this all the time, we have the power to prevent MANY cancers. We do this through nutrition. I particularly like one study done on oral cancer and spirulina. You can read it in the source. >>> [SOURCE]

Blue Majik can help improve endurance during exercise, as well as muscle strength. Many active plant compounds have been shown to help athletes with their endurance (and duh- non-athletes, it’s just athletes who were studied.) There are two studies that I found really fascinating- one was about people fatiguing faster when they did not supplement with spirulina. [SOURCE]

Simply put… blue-green algae is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on EARTH. So get those health gainz girl!!  [SOURCE]

I hope you enjoyed this!! I highly recommend keeping spirulina or blue-majik in your home, or supplementing with it now and then in your smoothies and juices!

Photo by the BEST in ATX: Jon Scotty! Follow him at @EatMyMedia xx