Aka Asian Pigeon Wings. (Yes that’s what they lovingly call it!)

BTW– you should know this is never medical or professional advice! No official claims made here. <3 

What is Butterfly pea Tea?

This drink has been brewed for centuries in Southeast Asia.

This tea comes to us in POWDER FORM- ground up Butterfly Pea flower. It is a BLUE COLOR (fun!), is naturally caffiene free and and considered an herbal tea.

My friend, Deanna, who is also a huge health nut and biohacker, is always on the cusp of what’s new and cool  and she was the one to first tell me about Butterfly Pea powder.  It was a few nights before her Christmas party and we were making bread in her kitchen. Potions too. She was like, “you ever heard of this butterfly pea tea?” I told her no, tried it…. and then I became obsessed. I HAD to know more. HAD to start the research. I was so intrigued!

6 weeks after the fact, I am now drinking butterfly pea tea at least 5X a week.

Scientific Studies on Butterfly Pea Tea

There is an extensive analysis done however on butterfly pea that I really enjoyed. But what I really want to focus on is the many studies done on specific properties of butterfly pea tea.

To be VERY CLEAR: There needs to be more studies done on this plant. Almost all studies have been animal studies or in vitro (in a test tube) and although they are promising– this isn’t enough to be conclusive science. We cannot deny many of the nutritional properties though, and if any of these studies persist in more findings– how awesome would that be! I feel quite positive about it. Here is one of the most recent studies done.


The scientific name of blutterfly pea tea is Clitoria Ternatea. Yes- that’s the real name…. lol (I’m 12!)

Here’s my favorite all-encompassing quote about butterfly pea’s studied uses from my favorite analysis: “Numerous animal studies have reported that the extracts [of butterly pea] exhibit diuretic, nootropic, antiasthmatic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, antidiabetic, antilipidemic, anti-arthritic, antioxidant, and wound healing properties.”

AKA: Butterfly pea may help with detox through peeing, enhancing cognitive function, asthma, help with inflammation and pain, help with reducing fevers, help with diabetes and cholesterol levels, help with arthritis, getting in more antioxidants and yes- wound healing!


butterfly pea tea studies

The antioxidant compounds of this blue tea are what really intrigues me. Antioxidants are important because they help strengthen the immune system and fight off free radicals!

So the benefits and some studies…

Butterfly Pea Tea Can Help The Eyes

The reason this tea can help the eyes is because it contains specific antioxidants (well, flavonoids if we’re getting technical) called proanthocyins and anthocyins.

These have been shown to be really great for eye health .<— this study is cool! Personally, once I started needing glasses I have paid more attention to eye health more than ever. Basically I focus on foods I can eat and wear sunglasses all the time yo!

Studies are postive for anthocyins and eye health however something to consider is the bioavailability can be tough at times given the product- and this is hard to track. Is this true for butterfly pea? Tough to say.

Butterfly Pea Tea Can Help With Cognitive Function

I think one of the coolest parts of drinking butterfly pea tea is that is can help with many things involved with the brain. Most of the the compelling studies are done on animals- but I think it is still worth a look at.

Studies have shown that this tea can help with depression, our ability to learn, and memory. What’s really cool is that there was also an uptick in glutathione levels (liver health!!) in these animals. And we know that almost any antioxidant that has to do with the liver… has to do with the brain. So this makes sense! Now the question is– how much do we have to drink? I aim for one cup every day, but usually miss a few days.

Also see this study on preserving the brain of rats with the administoring of butterfly pea.  (I hate animal studies because I love animals but I will read the literature if it is there. Just being clear.)

Butterfly Pea Tea Can Help With Inflammation

I think one of the things that would help a lot of people (should they drink it continously) is that Butterfly Pea tea can help with inflammation.

We are constantly battling inflammation. Chronic inflammation = aging, so this is something to always keep in mind. Food is medicine!

I won’t get into the details of every study– but they are for sure promising. (This one in praticular looked at how it can help reduce a fever.)

Butterfly Pea Tea Helps Fight Off Free Radicals And Promote Longevity

Due to it’s high amount of antioxidants— I love to sip on this tea and just picture it obliterating all these free radicals inside my body. 😛 That is one of the main points of antioxidants- to go after the baddies in our bodies!

I appreciate that Butterfy pea is rich in flavonoids- this can help stimulate collagen. AND I AM ALWAYS TRYING TO STIMULATE MORE COLLAGEN.

Butterfly Pea Tea Can Help With Allergies and Asthma

I didn’t study up too much on this… self-serving I will admit because I don’t deal with this myself. However, Dan deals with asthma so I am always on the lookout for natural remedies for him. I found this study interesting- it had to do with asthma and coughing and the positive effect Butterfly Pea had on this. It concluded that they believe it could help.

Dang, Violets. What a great tea to be drinking. I didn’t even scratch the surface! One last cool thing about butterfly pea tea is that if you add lemon to it- it turns PURPLE! Fun right? Enjoy my recipe below!

BTW these photos were taken by Jon of Eat My Media— he is so talented I can’t even put it into words. I am so lucky to create content with him for VF from time to time!

Okay I’m A.D.D! The recipe!!

butterfly pea tea recipe

Butterfly Pea Tea Latte Recipe

What you will need:

12oz water
1 tsp butterfly pea powder (I ordered an organic version on Amazon)
1 scoop plain or vanilla collagen (omit if you’re vegan!)
1 big splash of plant based milk
1 dash of cinnamon
1 small drip of maple syrup (unless you used a flavored collagen like vanilla)

Collagen I always use and love is of course Ancient Nutrition!

So you can warm this up and stir up the ingredients but I often will drink it cold too- I just throw everything in the blender and call it a day! Pour it into my mason jar with a silicone straw and enjoy that shiz!!