Alright, Violets!

It’s become my goal to get y’all eating more cruciferous veggies- aka the healthiest kinds of vegetables you can eat! ESPECIALLY for your liver. (I do recommend at least steaming them beforehand though- much better for digestion!)

If you already eat and enjoy one of the vegetables I talk about- the hope is that you INCREASE how often you eat it. If you eat broccoli every other week or so, try upping it by getting in 1-2X a week! More fuel for the body = more healing, more benefits! It’s all about frequency and consistency.

So let’s get into broccoli. There are loads of studies done to prove the EXACT benefits consuming this vegetable has.

Broccoli Benefits

***I always recommend STEAMING your broccoli rather than eating it raw. WAY easier for digestion and keeping cortisol low.

Broccoli helps keep a clean colon– which helps improve your gut health. It does this by increasing the good bacteria in your gut. Broccoli is super high in fiber and antioxidants. Antioxidants help sweep away damage from dead or harmful cells and fiber helps digestion. Did you know the more collagen in your body breaks down at a faster rate if you aren’t getting enough antioxidants in your body? ANYWAY– This study is super interesting. It’s in regards to a mice study done that showed an increase in broccoli led to less inflammatory bowel disease and an increase in good gut bacteria.

Broccoli helps keep your brain sharp. It’s nutrition for your MIND. Broccoli has bioactive compounds such as Sulforaphane (the very same compund that helps cancer- you will see in a few paragraphs) these bioactive compounds have been shown (this study) to SLOW cognitive decline. It also helps improve memory and fire off important nuerons in the brain. Every day we should be asking ourselves- are we eating something specific to keep our mind sharp?

Broccoli helps with inflammation. PLEASE NOTE, VIOLETS: We are almost always in a state of inflammation so it is important to eat foods that calm this so that our bodies can do its powerful thing! Inflammation keeps our bodies from working at it’s best. There are specific flavonoids (phytonutrients found in plant pigments) in broccoli that have been studied to help reduce inflammation in our body tissues. These studies are both animal and test tube studies. One human study that really stuck with me was one done in regards to tobacco smokers. Ten male smokers increased their broccoli intake for just TEN days and saw inflammation in their lungs go down. When we take care of inflammation, we start to heal!

Broccoli helps ward off cancerous cells through a compound within it called sulforaphane. This study is coming from Oregon State University (it was focused on prostate cancer.) So there is this thing called IncRNAs aka “junk DNA”– they are emerging as big-time players in many cancers including breast and lung! They can either regulate gene expression OR when poorly impacted- can cause disease. No bueno. Guess what impacts these IncRNAs in a beneficial way? You guessed it- broccoli! Due to its sulforaphane. Please note, it is important to keep these bad genes at bay! Dietary strategies help.

Broccoli is amazing for your skin. The reason is: it’s phenomenally high in antioxidants. If you are unsure about exactly what antioxidants do- they pretty much sweep up all the oxidative dress and free radicals happening in your body. When you have all this bad shit swimming in you- YOUR SKIN IS AFFECTED. Your skin responds to your diet- up your antioxidants! Broccoli has been STUDIED (I love this one) to show it’s an antioxidant powerhouse!


As usual– my recipes are ALWAYS 5 ingredients or less! Including the star of the show- in this case, broccoli.

This is a teriyaki noodle broccoli bowl. It is SO FILLING and has less than 150 calories in it depending on how much sauce you use! The key is using MIRACLE NOODLES. They are basically shirataki “noodles” from the konjac plant and believe it or not- they are LESS THAN FIVE CALORIES. They are 93% water and 3% soluble vegetable fiber. A BONUS of this recipe is that we use CORIANDER spice, which if you read this article, then you know it is great for digestion, bones, and helps with UTI prevention!

Miracle Noodle Recipe

This recipe is:

Now look- these noodles totally satisfy but no they are not the real thing. They really do fill my cup when I am wanting noodles but just know that for less than five calories- they’re not noodle-noodles. (Although you could fool me!)

Here’s how to make it!

Step One: Cut up and STEAM some broccoli. I love including the stalks because there are TONS of nutrients in the stalks. I get the stalks are not for everybody.

Step Two: Drain the broccoli and saturate it in Teriyaki sauce and coriander spice. CORDIANDER IS SO GOOD FOR YOU.

Broccoli Benefits

Step Three: Really coat it!! And then set it aside.

Broccoli Benefits

Step Four: Open your package of miracle noodles (or shirataki noodles in general) and strain the noodles for at least 30 seconds under cold water. (Some people also like to boil them in water for 2 minutes but this is optional.) You will notice a slightly fishy smell at first- FRET NOT. This goes away when cooking! I promise! You can also choose between all kinds of noodles: penne, angel, fettuccine, etc.

Miracle Noodle recipe

Step Five: “Fry” them in a pan after draining for about 3 minutes with NO oil. After that coat them with more teriyaki sauce- I like a reduced sodium version but you do you!

Step Six: Put the noodles in a bowl and then the broccoli on top! Volia! OPTIONAL: Sprinkle some hemp seeds for extra protein and fiber!

ENJOY!!!!! P.S I get my miracle noodles at Whole Foods but you can also order them online in packs here!

Header photo by: @Eat.My.Media on IG! (ATX based.)