So before The Dorian… was Circa. And Circa, it wasn’t that bad… fine I’ll just say it: Circa was run down and way past it’s hey day. Towards the end, it felt… kinda drab in there, didn’t it? And Circa made me think of sloppy after parties, BROS, and embarrassingly drunk 21ers. YES, I can be a total Grandma sometimes (…mostly I’m a blast ;)) But their food never did it for me either, and you guys know I lead with my stomach!

The Dorian though! Okayyyy I totally dig the Dorian. I was really impressed. 🙂 Well done, to the Palm House team who redid the space and run it now. Love the vibe you bring to the Marina!

Like Circa, The Dorian is still loud. And fun. But it also has an air of sophistication. The vibe is sharp and upbeat. The decor is Victorian inspired, but funky! If that makes sense. Picture… books on the wall, wood and tile accents, sexy lighting, big bright velour chairs, splashes of dark teal and pops of white.

It’s great for big groups. Or for grabbing a drink with a friend. It’s also a great date spot! PS: their Happy Hour for sure impresses ($1 oysters- hells yeah!). But my favorite time to go is during brunch.

Tip: order several small dishes to split!

The Dorian SF

Let me start off with the shrimp and crab cake sliders ($14). Ever just had a crab cake by itself and think… “Man I wish I had some bread or crackers?” (err just me??). Anyway, this was the perfect combo. The crab cakes had a nice crispiness to it, and the buns were perfectly toasted. I’d seriously come back here just for this.

The Dorian SF

The Cure All Flatbread ($16.5) was bomb AF! I’m guessing the name has something to do with a hangover cure? Whatever the reason is… this is a MUST get. Comes with a sunny side-up egg, ribeye, aged cheddar cheese, and dorian hot sauce. *droooools*

The Dorian SF

This Dorian burger ($15.5) on the other hand, was “okay.” Bun could have been a little crispier. Overall a decent burger, but nothing to die for. For a bomb burger in the marina… go to Causwells.

The Dorian SF

Lastly, these CINNAMON STICKY BUNS ($7)!!!! OMG I die. It’s covered in a bourbon caramel sauce and is a total party in my mouth.

So to sum it all up:

If you want a good meal in a sophisticated- yet quirky and fun spot– go to The Dorian. It’s the perfect place for brunch and happy hour specials. Get the crab cake sliders and cinnamon sticky buns, you’ll thank me later!

You guys ever been?

The Dorian
2001 Chestnut Street (Corner of Filmore St)
San Francisco, CA