I am SO PISSED I had a media membership at Bay Clubs for 3 months. Because it was too good and it didn’t last forever.

And now if I ever want to join a gym (that I can afford… #WriterLife #AllMyMoneyGoesToSkincare) it won’t compare to Bay Clubs.

I’ll have to beg for another media membership- LOL.

(I really wanted to review an actual GYM in SF vs. a fitness studio for Violet Fog. Just to switch it up!)

Truthfully though… it’s hard for me to self motivate when it comes to working out. I realize that I just need classes that I can go to. (And Bay Clubs do have classes, basically any kind you can think of.) But when I have the option of just popping in whenever vs. scheduling a class… I’ll pop in whenever. And then I don’t get a great workout ONLY BECAUSE I HATE WORKING OUT. lol

Am I making sense? I am about to contradict everything here. I love getting to workout whenever I want and not have to schedule around a class. So I’ll choose that option if I have it. But it’s not good for me because classes are what make me have a better workout because I can’t self motivate to do something I don’t enjoy (working out.)

Basically… if I were a normal person and could push myself on my own to workout HARD- I’d choose the gym over classes. But I need someone holding me accountable. And yes… even if a gym offers classes, just KNOWING I have the option to pop in and half-ass my workout, I’ll choose that. So pretty much, I can’t give myself the option by being a gym member haha. Don’t I sound like a crazy person?

But look. This gym is more than a gym. It’s kind of a social club in a way. And the amenities are INSANE. So I wanted to tell you guys about it if: 1- you are considering joining a gym, and 2- was curious about Bay Clubs. You know I’m an open book and very, VERY detailed on my thoughts. And opinionated. 😉

Here’s what I loved about Bay Clubs:

1. The spa, sauna and steam room. I RELISHED in that. I would do a routine to jump start my lymph system where I would get in the spa for 10 minutes. Walk over to the shower and turn it on FREEZING for 20 seconds. Get in the sauna or steam room for 5-10 minutes. Get in the shower again under freezing water for 20 seconds. Get in the spa for 10 minutes. Repeat repeat repeat. LOVED IT. Felt like a spa.

2. Speaking of spa… they have a great spa. I got a massage there and absolutely loved it.

3. Their locker rooms are glorious. So nice. Hair dryers, q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, deodorant, body spray… all that stuff. They have it there for you. And they have THEE nicest staff.

4. The whole facility is just really, really pretty. All white and brick. (I would go to the location on Greenwich so I can’t speak about the others but I’m sure they’re beautiful too.)

5. So many cardio machines and with great views! Sometimes I’d do stair master and watch the cute guys play basketball. Sometimes I’d do cardio upstairs and look out the window where the bay was… palm trees… the bay bridge… cruise ships, so cool. All of the cardio machines have TVs too, which I didn’t hate.

6. Plenty of rooms to go into for solo time. The yoga room was often empty. At night, the weight room has plenty of space. I always liked to go when a lot of people weren’t there.

7. You can get social if you want. (I didn’t want too lol… introvert over here.) BUT I liked that I had the option. And there are SO MANY CUTE GUYS at this gym. They always had little happy hours and parties.

8. I loved getting food in their cafe. Their sandwiches were really good but my favorite were the smoothies.

9. Just how POSH it was. Clean towels everywhere. It didn’t “smell” like a gym. I loved that.

10. The variety the gym provided. Seriously they had everything. Classes. (Not that I took them.) Basketball. (Not that I played.) Swimming. (Not that I swam.)… you catch the drift. For someone who wants variety at a gym- it’s there. OH AND THEY HAVE WIFI.

So while I am going back to fitness studios, if I was dedicated enough and not tempted by the free and open schedule… I would definitely continue at The Bay Club. When it comes to more “luxe” gyms, I’m sure Equinox is cool too but I feel like it’s a little too scene-y for me. Thoughts?!

Some photos before we say goodbye. 🙂 Hope you liked my gym writeup. I like to do things unofficial and VERY personal if you couldn’t tell. 😛


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    Love the bay club. I have a pass through my boyfriend (who never goes) and it does feel like such a luxury to do what you want. And you didn’t even mention the FREE three hour parking. Like. Blows my mind. Classes are ok but that’s not really why I love bay anyways.

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      I didn’t know about the parking! Another perk. That’s so awesome you get a free pass to go! “Feels like a luxury” is the best way to put it going there. 🙂


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