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I’m about to reference a VERY personal, very individual credit experience I had about 5-6 years ago. Yes, this post is sponsored, but I sure as heck promise you this holds valuable information for anyone out there trying to repair their credit. Like I’d partner with a company that didn’t provide value!

Okay, okay. STORY TIME.

It’s 2009. I’m living in Long Beach, CA… in my senior year of college, cruisin’ through school. All was good.

Except where I lived. When I moved into this apartment complex, I was led to believe that it was a really safe place. I signed a year long lease.

Within the first six months, some really scary and odd things went down.

I would hear knocks on my door in the middle of the night multiple times a week.
My mail was stolen four times.
I one time found my car with my door WIDE OPEN.
There started to be all these thefts in the complex.
One of the security guards there followed me around all the time and always made me feel so uncomfortable.
My neighbors were drug dealers.

Yeah, my next door neighbors were drug dealers. ALL of these things we would bring to the attention of the office, but nothing changed.

If you’re wondering if there was a straw that broke the camel’s back- there was. So badly so, that I had a lawyer draw up a statement stating all the legal reasons why I could break my lease.

What happened was my neighbors were robbed AT GUNPOINT while I was home. Police everywhere. Scared the crap out of me.

I left, thinking, “I gave them a police report. Have multiple filings of complaints. Had a lawyer draft something up… there is no way they could penalize me for breaking that lease.”

Long story short, two and half years later they come after me stating that I owed the apartment complex FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for breaking the lease. They were relentless. Having people call me sometimes up to five times a week. Of course, I refused to pay!

What ended up happening was it KILLED my credit score. I’m talking going from near perfect to tanking it. I could not buy a new car, I couldn’t even get accepted on a lease to move into a new apartment.

Truthfully, moving to San Francisco (after 3 years in San Diego post-college) really worked out for me because I was able to sell my car and then move into an apartment where I didn’t have to be on a lease. Had I needed to be on a lease, I wouldn’t be accepted.

I was so upset. My credit was shot. I felt¬†helpless. I didn’t know squat about credit repair. I couldn’t afford a financial advisor. Frankly, I just didn’t even want to deal with it. The whole thing seemed so complicated.

One day, my Mom called me (don’t Moms always save the day?) and said, “Listen, I want you to call this place called Lexington Law. They deal with credit repair and they are very user-friendly.”

Lexington Law Review

I called Lexington Law and immediately felt relief. They made me feel like they could really help fix my problem and on my end, I didn’t need to do much.

Right away, they sent letters to all three of the credit bureaus on my behalf. Action was taken.

They told me everything they were doing and sent me emails weekly. With follow up phone calls as well.

Again, this is my OWN experience, but I’m happy to say it DID NOT TAKE LONG before my score started going up and up again.

I am so grateful that I used Lexington Law to help fix my credit score. I cannot imagine having done nothing. I cannot imagine having to try to go through that crazy process all by myself.

Lexington Law is truly an amazing company. I’m so grateful for the people who worked on my case. When they came across my emails recently I immediately wanted to work with them because I feel such an affinity towards what they are doing. I know they are out to help people.

Lexington Law believes that EVERYONE has a right to a fair and good credit score and they want to help. They know that over time, a poor credit score can be fixed.

American’s are denied loans for cars and homes all the time due to errors on their credit score. It can take MONTHS to fix. I know this! We often need help!

The credit repair industry has grown immensely over the years, and consumers need to understand that there is tons of fact vs. fiction strewing about out there. Your credit can be fixed.

Lexington Law is the head honcho of credit repair. They created a system of reputable, legal-based solutions for the credit repair market– extending it to the everyday consumer.

When a client works with Lexington Law, they’re working with credit repair experts who have a concrete knowledge of consumer protection laws and know how to use them for their client’s benefit. Lexington Law gives clients a foundation of peace and trust- letting them know they are going to fight for their rights.

Violet Foggers- just know that you’re credit score is not set it stone! I know this isn’t as fun to talk about as health and beauty and love, but it’s important. We gotta look out for ourselves and share our secrets!

Lexington Law is by far one of my best “adult” secrets I have.

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