The first time I heard the term “chemical peel”… was the episode in Sex And The City where Samantha got one and she looked SO RED and SO BURNED after she had had one done.

So I was like… ummm never gettin’ that!

Flash forward… I don’t know, years– I’m living in San Diego and my girlfriend at work had just gotten a chemical peel. She was at the end of the peeling process and honestly, with makeup… it didn’t look that bad by then! She said she had passed through the worst stage and was now looking better each day.

Zomg you guys… once she was completely done peeling her skin looked SO F*CKING GOOD. Like fine lines had totally softened, some freckles were gone (which she wanted), she just had this healthy, HEALTHY glow. So then I obviously changed my mind on this chemical peel thing, did HOURS of research because I’m crazy, and decided I HAD to have one done for myself. The GOOD ones are usually $100-$200. I wouldn’t want a “cheap” chemical peel, you know? Like this is where you should invest lol. I had a week of peeling, and I LOVED the results.

3 years later (present time) I decided I wanted to get another chemical peel. I just didn’t know where the best place was and who I should go to. I did so much research and kept coming back to Pacific Plastic Surgery Group in San Francisco.. first, because my friend (a girl who takes IMMACULATE care of her skin and is super knowledgable) had gone to their esthetician, Alyson, and had rave review after rave review. “Dude, she is soooo good. So smart.” She would tell me.

I’m difficult when it comes to my skin. I’ve had bad experiences in my early 20s from estheticians who left me with scarring after extractions, or used products on me that made me flare up. Or gave me a treatment that I dropped big bucks on but didn’t see ANY results on after. Needless to say, I go to the best of the best these days. I don’t skimp on skin. This is serious shiz y’all!

SO I’d heard great things. And contacted Pacific Plastic Surgery Group to see if they would like to work together because I was really interested in writing an investigative REAL DEAL piece on chemical peels because I didn’t write about my first one years prior. This time around, I had wanted one because I wanted to soften my acne scars on my cheeks (ice pick scars as they call them) and was hoping to soften the lines under my eyes (I’m always smiling… this is great but not great for wrinkles.) I also just wanted a BABY FRESH CANVAS so that products I’ve been using and loving could saturate into my skin even MORE.

***BY THE WAY: If at the end of the article you decide you’d like to get a chemical peel yourself- Pacific Plastic Surgery is offering 15% off of their peels for our readers! Just let them know you are from The Violet Fog.***

My skin before the peel:

I definitely have a lot of scarring from being an acne tween as well as pigmentation issues from hormones.

Now look, medical grade chemical peels are NOT just a walk in the park. They aren’t bad– but you do need to mostly stay inside for about a week AND go light on the makeup. You can’t pick the dead skin. You have to use SUPER GENTLE cleanser and moisturize with GOOD stuff afterwards.

You WILL feel totally fug for 2-3 whole days of intense peeling. Just saying. You will.

But you know? If you can somehow make this work with your schedule… the results are phenominal. Like you get a LOT of value from a chemical peel.

Me right after the peel:
chemical peel review
Afterwards your skin feels TOOOOIGHT (which I kinda liked!) and also has a yellowish tone to it. You shouldn’t wash your face for 24 hours after!

***The peel itself DOES BURN while it’s on your face but I found it to be bearable and it only lasts a few minutes.

This was the brand that Alyson recommended I cleanse afterward with. It’s like a high end Cetaphil type deal. It’s sooo gentle and feels really good on the skin. Been using it after too and I feel like my skin REALLY likes it as a cleanser for post workouts. (If I’m not sweaty I usually take my makeup off with oil.) BTW I believe Dr. Spiller is only available in certain offices.

Skin Medica Peel Review

How my face looked a few days after the peel:

Not too too bad at first. I would say it looks like this on days 2-3 and then again on 5-7. The middle part is where the intense peeling happens!

Now keep in mind, results are different for everyone. Some people have SHEETS peeling off their face. Which is great!… like this girl:

But me? I had medium peeling and actually broke out a lot after- which was a good thing because it just got all the gunk out that would have came to the surface anyway! I can say that a month after this peel I have had nearly ZERO breakouts or zits. A nice break… I love it.

BE NICE this is what I looked like at my worst in the peeling stage!! (Watch video above to see even more intense peeling which CAN and usually DOES happen!)

Very red and patchy. BUT WORTH IT because holy cow once the peeling is done: Evenness. Glow. Acne dimmed. Scars softened. Spots lightened. Knowing that your skin will DRINK UP all the nutrients you give it for the following weeks. (Like how your skin absorbs things so nicely after exfoliating!)

But yes… it is a week of not feeling cute at ALL. And a little itchy for a few days.

Like your ass is NOT going to want to be overly social during the peeling process… trust me.

But like I said: the aftermath is sooo worth it! On my Instagram you’ll see that I have been LOVING MY SKIN HONEY. My acne scars on my cheeks are WAY SOFTER and the under-eye seems less prominent. And skin is overall MUCH more even. And I can tell my skin has just been drinking up all my products. I LOVE KNOWING THAT.

Recent photo with my friend!

Dr. Spiller products, by the way, are I’ve been loving everything Alyson has given me:

I’m definitely going to get another chemical peel soon. I think one does a great job but I hear a series is even is even better! When I have the time. 🙂 Besides, you’re supposed to space them out at least 4 weeks.

So OBVIOUSLY I’m coming guns blazing with this thang and have given you guys a TREMENDOUS recommendation. Like 5 stars definitely: Miss Alyson of Pacific Plastic Surgery?Group.

Some things I have learned from her:

–Main reasons people come to her for chemical peels are:

#1 Smooth, refine, and firm skin texture (acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles)
#2 Balance skin tone (hyperpigmentation – freckles, scars, age spots, and sun damage)
#3 Clear congestion and minimize pores (helps to clear active acne and unclog pores)

–Alyson has studied under some INSANE names:

I studied under Annemarie Camenzind and David S. Good. Annemarie was the founder of The Euro Institute of Skincare (it’s where I went to esthetic school). She was from Switzerland and educated there, then continued her schooling in London, Paris, and Sydney. She served as principal of the Ella Bache School of Esthetics in Australia, whose students were examined by the Australian Association of Beauty Therapists (AABTh), an affiliation of CIDESCO (creme de la creme of esthetics). She was certified by the International Therapy Examination Council of London as an ITEC Instructor and served as a North American Examiner for over 10 years. She was an eccentric, intelligent, and strong person. Her husband David is just as exceptional of a human being! I worked for their companies for over 10 years formulating, educating, and distributing Vera Botania and Dr. Spiller.

Contact Pacific Plastic Surgery Group at (415) 379-9015 or visit their site HERE. Remember, Violet Foggers get 15% of any peel they’d like to try! I went with the highest strength. (They have the SEXIEST OFFICE EVER by the way. It’s located on Van Ness near Hayes Valley!)

Any additional Q’s?! Holla atcha girl!

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    SkinTightSage Mia

    Wow, the effect of peeling on your face really showed quality! You made me feel I need to get some peeling done too. I’ve enjoyed reading and browsing this site. Great post!

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    Do you know if chemical peels work just as well for people of different skin tones?! I have medium skin and suffer from hyperpigmentation so I’m interested in peels but am wondering if they are as effective!

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Hi Sona! Definitely talk to whoever would be performing the peel- but typically yes. ALL skin tones! And it is especially great for hyperpigmentation! xx Katey


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