I spend 75 % of my time in dresses and skirt for my job. When I come home, I go straight to bridge troll mode. It’s not cute. For instance, once I went to throw out the trash in an oversized burnt orange sweatshirt with pink Nike shorts. The dumpster is close, I thought. No one will see me. Of course… my neighbor (who was also my coworker) pulled into the driveway just as I was galloping to the dumpsters. Absolutely mortifying. So….I’ve been on the search for comfy clothing that makes me feel a little bit fly when I leave my apartment to dump my trash.

In a hectic search of “cute but soft” jogger pants, I came across Vuori Clothing. It’s a California brand that embodies West Coast surfer lifestyle. Their clothing is also extremely comfortable.

The Jogger Pants

The jogger pants are phenomenal- like the best I’ve ever worn. I mean it! They’re made of the softest, coziest material and they have quite a bit of style. The problem with a lot of jogger pants is that they are tooooo loose. Vuori’s pants are loose enough, but form fitting. The brand gracefully walks the line of comfy and stylish. I want to buy these pants in EVERY color.

Equinox Muscle Tee

I never liked muscle shirts until I put on Vuori’s. The fabric is gorgeous and the shirt wicks away sweat instantly. They’re cooling and stylish and soft as heck.

Halo Performance Hoodie

The jacket is a classic zipper hoodie made with the same soft material. It’s a simple design, but it has accents that I love. For instance, the pocket has a tiny zipper pocket inside of it for keys. The cord lock (hoodie strings) have a nice striped pattern that is classic of the brand. I look this jacket on a hike and at dusk (when the temperature dropped), it was the perfect thickness to keep me warm. It’s super light and easy to pack.

The Verdict

I would definitely get the jogger pants FOR SURE. If you like a “boyfriend” fit, I would look at their jackets and work out tops.

Katey and I have been contemplating doing fashion posts. We want to know: do you guys like clothing reviews, outfit posts, or how to style (insert article of clothing) posts (i.e. how to style a maxi dress)? Let us know!

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