So I was on my way to check out this other spot for lunch.

When I arrived, they were SOLD out of the DAILY TOAST.

How do you run out of daily toast?? Anyways, it was the only thing I wanted to try (because I saw pics and I wanted an IG pic. lol)

I was majorly sad.

But. On our way there, we saw this cute little spot down the street: it had an open kitchen, lots of white space, a bar counter, wooden tables, and green succulents for decor.

Meet: Rove Kitchen.

They JUST opened up two weeks ago and I’m glad we stumbled upon them because everything was dank!

I mean, literally everything. My BF and I pretty much ordered the whole menu.

Rove Kitchen

For now, they have a simple menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, salads and pastas (everything made in-house= bonus points).

So when I was told that the menu changes weekly, I was worried.

Worried that I might never taste this chicken sandwich again.

Rove Kitchen 1

This fried chicken sandwich is a total showstopper. I mean… right?!? For only $10 bucks too!

From the house-made buns to the fried chicken to the slaw, everything about it was perfect. Especially the chicken, it was crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside.

If this is still on the menu, it’s a MUST GET. (fingers crossed)

Rove Kitchen 2

Or this INSANE pork belly sandwich that had the perfect fat to meat ratio (melts in mouth). The pork belly could be a dish by itself at any restaurant, but for Rove to make it into a sandwich, even better. ($12)

Rove Kitchen 3

Omg this Rove burger was phenomenal ($14). It was perfectly grilled to a medium rare, just the way a good burger should be. The onion + jam complemented the patty really well (ground daily). I might say it’s even better than Marlowe and definitely better than 4505 Burgers & BBQ. Good job Rove!

Rove Kitchen 4

This duck confit salad (insert: emoji with heart eyes). What really impressed me was the perfectly seared duck.  The duck meat was flavorful, soft, and everything came off the bone with ease. ($13)

Rove Kitchen 5

This is Ryan Yema’s first restaurant venture in SF, and he’s absolutely killing it.

He uses fresh, organic, quality ingredients which makes all the difference.

In short, this is your new go-to lunch spot when you’re meeting with nearby startup colleagues or friends. Also a great spot for a casual “first date.”

So if you’re ever in the neighborhood (Lower Nob Hill), stop by for some bomb eats while supporting a local chef!

Address: 678 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (b/t Jones St & Ophir Aly)

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