I originally wrote this in 2016 and revisited it in 2019! Many people found Violet Fog because of this article so I thought it was worth bringing to the top! MEANT TO MAKE YOU LAUGH and yes does have a little lesson at the end of it! 

I accidentally liked the picture of an ex-fling’s new girlfriend once and I about DIED. Diiiiiiiiiied.

Let me give you the back story:

The summer I moved to San Francisco, I dated a guy. It didn’t work out, but it had been a real enough “fling” to mean something to me back then. I wouldn’t say I was starry-eyed over him, but… *sigh*… yes I was definitely drawn to him. I liked the guy. We dated for 3ish months. So not super serious…but, you get the picture. We lightheartedly dated only each other that summer.  Towards the very end, I had been debating out loud with my friends on whether or not we should break it off.

I liked him… but in my heart, I just knew he wasn’t the one for me. And I could sense he felt the same. But what pissed me off SO BAD is that this motha f*cka BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH in initiating the breakup. Didn’t matter that I agreed.. since HE said it first, it more-so felt like I was the one being broken up with. One of his reasons? He didn’t “have time to start a ‘real’ relationship” with his grueling work schedule. I thought, alright dude, I salute you.. go make dat monayyyy. Thank ya kindly I’ll do just fine!

…to paint the picture: I was a baby bit bummed it didn’t happen on my terms (lol) but I bounced back quickly. 😉

Now I say this jokingly, but flash forward maybe one month and this fool is in a full-blown relationship with some chick from ACROSS THE GLOBE. Suddenly he had time to date someone… from… ACROSS. THE. GLOBE. She was from Finland, Norway.. I don’t even know, Violets. Somewhere like that. She’s super tall, looks like she works out 4 times a day, just gorgeous. And it looks like she travels a ton and does all these cool things too. Yeah. Da fuqqqq right? So annoying. But how did I know all this?

Instagram Stalking Exes

Uh because I creeped on her Instagram, DUH. Is the sky blue? Do horses neigh? You better buhLIEVE my ass was curious to see what this girl was about. Who cares about the dude at this point, I just wanted to see what different superpowers this woman had than me. She was the next girl after me you know?! I’m curious!!

Yep, as it appeared, the girl turned out to be damn near perfect. Ugh!… I told myself, “Katey, you’re still great! Don’t let it phase you!” And I didn’t let it phase me. Even though yes I did check her IG from time to time for a few months lol.

So yes, it didn’t phase me until one night when I was randomly, randomly creeping AND THIS SHIT HAPPENED:


Mortified. Mor-ti-fiiiiiied. And this was months later too. Didn’t matter! I was face sweating the SECOND that happened! I was over the guy but every now and then I’d creep Norway chick’s page just because… I mean, I don’t know? Curiosity! Boredom! I was intrigued to see who came after me. That was it! Not a care in the world about those two as a couple until I liked her damn PHOTO and then felt like my character was at stake.

It’s so funny in hindsight how hard I was on me: I could not forgive myself! It was stupid. I thought for sure she’d think I was either obsessed with her or still liked her boyfriend. As if! lol

It happens to everyone

One of my friends once liked her guy’s ex-girlfriends photo from back in TWO THOUSAND AND TEN. 2010. Damn!!! Cue the shame on that one!! We agreed that yes, the girl probably felt some sick satisfaction from knowing she was on her page and yes, she probably did laugh about it to her friends. But hopefully would never tell the guy. Both situations… shitty. But was it really worth our dwelling?

Accidentally Liking A Photo On Instagram

This whole “accidental liking” thing seriously got me thinking.

We shouldn’t get so upset if we accidentally like a photo because deep down we know that all girls creep.

Flip side. Let’s talk about receiving an accidental like: we shouldn’t feel satisfaction from that (or worse- use it as emotional ammo) when we know that EVERY. GIRL. CREEPS. Ourselves included!

Even when it doesn’t involve a past or current lover. We also creep on frenemies. On girls going after the same job/title/dream as us. On girls who just bug us. On random girls we don’t even know. We creep. We just do. So why the shame if we get caught?

Because honestly y’all, creepin’ doesn’t mean we feel threatened or obsessed. Or shit maybe we ARE a little bit! But 9 times out of 10 we’re just curious! Sue us for being human. And to those girls who say things like, “be careful not to double tap!” or brag/gossip about getting an accidental like… please. Get off your high horse.

In the future, if you receive a “like” from your ex’s new girlfriend, or your new boyfriend’s ex… try not to give it more than one thought. Of course this girl wants to see who you are. A new girlfriend might just want “info” on her new boyfriend’s past life. Or an ex-girlfriend might still be heartbroken and going through the motions. We’re curious creatures, cut a girl some slack. Sheeeeit.

And if a frenemy likes your photo? Easily coulda been you liking hers so just forget it!

I will say, if you don’t EVER creep- damn you’re a rarity. I applaud you but still kinda think you’re lying lol.

Let’s stop stressing about the accidental likes! We should strive to create a universally more supportive environment for us gals by not holding stuff like that against each other. Be more compassionate. Being nice will never go out of style.

Share your creeping’ stories below! This is juicy stuff!!!!

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