I am always intrigued with people who stay young and vivacious their whole life. Even up into their 60s! To me, Christie Brinkley is a freak of nature– just look at her! Talk about aging gracefully!

***Updated in 2020


She has a solid routine! Into her 60s I still look at that woman as a supermodel. (And really sweet human being.)

A few years ago I read her book, Timeless Beauty… because I like to know everyone’s tips and tricks. What they do. Detective Katey! One thing I appreciate about her is her attitude about aging. She isn’t scared of it, embraces it, and genuinely loves getting older and enjoying life. She’s so vivacious.

I agree with so much of what Christie said. And learned a few things I didn’t know along the way. 

Violets– are you ready for this? Let’s dive into some of the things she taught us in her book! (There’s sooo much more in the book that I didn’t cover, btw.)

Christie Brinkley’s Anti-Aging Routine

She has a lot of tips in this book okay! These are just some of the ones that stood out to me.

Christie Brinkley’s Diet

+ She’s been vegan for a huge chunk of her life. So she doesn’t eat meat or dairy. Her thought is that not eating meat has been a big tribute to keeping herself young. She believes the added hormones in many meats are detrimental to aging. (BTW- Nisha (MD), who we had on VF, believes lean meats are the best because hormones are stored in fat.)

+ Christie eats an apple every single day. Especially 20 minutes before a big meal to help curb her appetite. VF note: Apples = rich in resveratrol, which is great for the liver and skin, and also apples are rich in polyphenols.

+ KALE. She eats a SHIZ TON of kale and says it’s been one of the biggest staples in her diet for decades now. (Lots of Vit C and antioxidants.)

+ She buys produce IN SEASON. She’s very strict on this! Most diet experts are strict in this, btw.

+ She’s huge on healthy fats EVERY DAY (nearly every meal) for keeping her skin plump: oils, nuts, avocado…

+ She’s a die hard QUINOA fan. Quinoa does have ALL the 9 essential amino acids that we need.

+She always replaces eggs and butter with ether apple sauce or coconut oil.

+ At night, one of her favorite snacks is dried tart cherries because they have some natural melatonin in them to help aid in sleep. They also are high in polyphenols. <—Polyphenols are IMPORTANT. They’re a micronutrient that packs a punch in antioxidants and helps prevent cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

+ She believes that one thing that has kept her spry and healthy throughout the years is the fact that she takes probiotic every single day. Let’s hear it for gut health!!

Skincare Tips:

+ She’s a bigger fan of (minimal) fillers than she is botox (Love that she admits this, doesn’t give a crap, and just owns it.)

+ She tries to choose fruit that is high in vitamin C to help promote collagen growth. (Vitamin C helps knit collagen together.)

+She’s a HUGE fan of foods high in Omega 3s. <—-great for skin. Again, a healthy fat! (Worth reading up on Omega 3s btw)

+She eats sweet potatoes every week to get a high dose of vitamin A. (Vitamin A is so important! Hence why I love apricot oil so much!)

+For puffy eyes, more than eye cream what she trusts the most is black tea bags under her eyes. She brews the tea, wrings out the bag and puts it in the fridge for 20 minutes, and then puts it under her eyes. Always black tea, she says.

+She’s a fan of laser treatments– especially the “clear and brilliant” type lasers… which I have yet to research!

Hair Tips:

+ She takes extra B vitamins to keep her hair healthy as she ages. (She’s a big fan of Vitamin B6)

+ One of her favorite things she learned in modeling, was a way to “set” the hair before styling it: using sugar water. In a spray bottle of water, she’d dump a packet of white sugar in and would spray it all over the hair. She swears by this.

+ She believes pouring champagne on your hair in the shower WILL make it shiner. And she believes in avocado hair masks!

Christie Brinkley’s Aging Gracefully Tips

+ She sleeps on a silk pillowcase to help prevent hair breakage and help keep “sleep wrinkles” away. She said even if you don’t have silk pillowcase, at least COMPLETELY smooth it out before you lay down on it. Seriously VFers, always smooth out your pillow! I’m also strict on this.

+ When she exercises, her biggest tip (and why she believes she still gains muscle tone even after 60) is that she incorporates that “mind-body” connection. She will touch the muscle she’s working and will focus strong and think to herself, “This exact muscle is getting stronger right now.”

+ You know how people use those Evian spray bottles to mist their face? Especially on flights? She says if you do this it’s important to actually BLOT IT IN otherwise when it evaporates on the plane it can actually SUCK OUT moisture right along with it that’s already in your skin. <—-I rarely “mist” but this makes sense to me.

+ She does squats while she blow-dries her hair and brushes her teeth.

+ She likes to take L-carnitine to boost her metabolism before a workout. Says she has done this for years.

I LIVE OFF OF TIPS AND TRICKS LIKE THIS. Her book is great if you are JUST getting into wellness and beauty. It’s definitely not a “make yourself feel bad about yourself” kind of book. It’s a feel good book. I love her even more now.