I’m a shortie. 5 foot 3. Long torso with short legs. Trying out new trends can be SUCH a bitch to even think about. How often I google “trends for short people”.. I can’t even tell you.

Trying a new “look” for me is nerve-wracking. Why? Because a lot of styles out there cater to taller or average height people.

It’s HARD out there for a shortie y’all.

I kid you not. Everything is too long for me. Jeans? Tack on an extra $20 EVERY single time because you know I gotta get those hemmed.

Oh and those lululemon pants I paid $100 for? You know… the ones that are supposed to look super flattering? Well it kinda defeats the purpose when you have constant “ankle bunch” from having to roll the bottoms up two or three times… that’s not flattering at all. (F*ck you Lululemon- make some shorter pants!)

Anyway. I rarely venture out and I stick to what works for me.

Then Katey and I started The Violet Fog together. And Katey… she’s been a wardrobe stylist for 5 years.

Have you ever spent a lot of time with a wardrobe stylist? The second you open the door to welcome their style suggestions… you done asked for it, my friend. Make no mistake about it, they will forever have random ass (but yes, valuable!) ideas regarding outfits and style for you. All the time.

So she tells me she’s dressed a lot of shorties. She says that my concern over how some styles could make me look even shorter than I am is legit.. BUT… I’m also not doing myself a solid when I immediately nix out certain lengths or cuts before I try them.

One thing I never tried before? Boyfriend jeans. I always thought they would make me look more bottom heavy due to the style’s looser fitting cut. I didn’t see many short girls wearing them. I steered clear.

So one day, we were out shopping and Katey grabs me a pair of boyfriend jeans at Urban Outfitters.

My first thought “Oh Hell NO! I am going to look short and boxy AF.”

There was just no way. But because of Katey’s highly persuasive skills and unwavering determination to get me in THOSE jeans… I couldn’t say “NO.” Girl was practically begging me.

… I tried them on.. and guess what happened? I actually didn’t hate them. If I’m being honest, it’s been a month now and I’VE BEEN LIVING IN THEM. (If you follow me on snap, you’d know this to be fact).

These are the first jeans I’ve owned that I didn’t HAVE to get hemmed, and better yet- they are actually supposed to be rolled up! Never thought I’d see the day.

trends for short people

The trick is pairing them with structured jackets, snugger tees or normal tees tucked in.

They also work with flannels. Basically- boyfriend jeans are easy for us short girls to pull off.

trends for short people

Then she tells me I should try a casual midi dress (that hits somewhere at your calves) and I look at her like she’s crazy for suggesting it. Hits at my calves? That’s going to break up my body in the weirdest proportions!! Like, does she not know I’m already short??

….Only wtf… I’m so wrong because I find out that it does the opposite and I look taller. It’s form fitting and that can add height. And if the ribbing is vertical like mine (although it doesn’t have to be) it’s even better because it further elongates you. Ummm… high fives all around in Shortie Land!!

trends for short people

trends for short people

Now what about you guys? Any other shorties out there with new trends they tried that surprisingly worked well for them? Don’t keep that knowledge to yourself- let your shortie sistas KNOW! Sound off below…

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    Rad | The Snobby Foodie

    That dress is awesomeee. Do you guys have any suggestions for flattering pants for shorties that can go from work to happy hour? Something that won’t make me look like I work at Target if I wear a red shirt with them.


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