I looooveeeeee a good three- course meal: Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert.

But you know what I love even more??

When it costs only $35 per person-!!! (That’s almost UNHEARD of in San Francisco. It’s practically the closest thing to free.)

Especially when the food & service is OUTSTANDING.

Seriously, I wouldn’t write about it if I wasn’t fanatical about the place. Trestle offers well-executed food at a reasonable price. Diners get to choose between two choices for each course.

Tip: Go with someone who’s willing to share. That way, you can order the whole menu between the both of you #winning.

Trestle Review 1

The have a rotating menu that changes daily (2-3 new dishes every week/ rotating between 25-30 dishes a month), so don’t get your heart set out on anything you see in this post (don’t worry… I’ll be short with it!). Just know that everything we had was fantastic, and there wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy.

Here’s what we had:

Trestle Review 2


Sweet corn soup: corn fritters, arugula puree, roasted corn


Falafel salad: crispy lavash, tzatziki sauce, mint leaves

Both of these options were a clean and fresh way to start the meal. Great job Trestle, the soup was especially tasty!

Trestle Review 3


Thyme & Garlic-Stuffed Chicken: wild rice, Italian sausage, braised greens

The chicken was super tender and not dry at all (very impressed). Also loved all the flavors that went into the rice and greens.


Pan- roasted salmon: padron peppers, summer corn, chimichurri

The salmon was cooked perfectly and is super moist. Overall, tastes amazing.

Trestle Review 4

Optional pasta dishes for $10

Mushroom Risotto: king trumpets, parmesan cheese, upland cress


Garganelli Bolognese: burrata, basil, cracked black pepper

This one was a little too salty for me. But I loveeeeed the melty, burrata cheese that topped it off.

Trestle Review 5


Brown butter financier: lemon curd, blackberry compote, vanilla ice cream

The financier is broken up into crumbles on the plate with a dollop of ice cream and other fruity toppings sprinkled around.


Chocolate bananas foster: banana ice cream, caramel, candied walnuts

You get a brownie on the bottom, topped with ice cream and caramalized bananas (OMFG. This was soooooo yum!)

So to sum it all up:

Real talk. If any of you guys are ballin’ on a budget (and you want to impress a boy/lady), Trestle is YOUR NEW PLACE. You get an awesome three-course meal for only $35 dollars!!! Like, that’s seriously RARE in San Francisco.

Also, the service is amazing. The atmosphere is trendy. And best of all… the food is fantastic.

Make your ressies ASAP. $35 dollars!!!- You’re welcome.

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