Guillaume Wolf aka “Prof. G” has been a thriving, successful Creative his entire career life. He’s done Ted Talks, he’s a professor at the ArtCenter College of Design, he’s an author, and he worked for two decades as a creative consultant in both France and the U.S.

His work in life is centered around coaching and helping Creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

I LOVE HIS BOOKS. They are easily digestible and provide lots of useful insight. They are motivating, and the books are just… cool.

There’s so many people out there working on brands (their own or for another company), working on design, working on content, writing, directing, producing… you name it. Guillaume centers around the idea that brands need to be weaved with INTEGRITY. Authenticity. And good character (the people behind it.)

I love, love love his philosophy for the creative world and the responsibility Creatives have to the people they are creating for.

I pulled these quotes from his book, “YOU ARE A MESSAGE”… enjoy them! They are some grand words to mediate on.

Good enough to save as your screensaver if you ask me. 😉

Check out Prof. G’s website here! I highly recommend looking into all his studies and works of literature.

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