Sooo y’all know I’m obsessed with non-toxic, natural make up brands right? I really dislike the idea of putting random chemicals on my skin, so I recently switched to products with more natural ingredients.

Vapour Organics champions 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals. When you read the back of any of their packaging, the ingredient list is quite legible. None of that weird chemical stuff.

So I contacted them to try out some of their products.

The thing I really like about this brand is that it gives you a dewy, moisturized, fresh look. It’s very natural and doesn’t make you look like a cake face.

If you’re looking for super pigmented colors that last forever, this isn’t the brand for you. However, if you want to look like a glowing wood elf, this is the PERFECT brand for you.

Artist Pallet – Mediterranean
Initially, I was like, “What the heck is this?” Is it eyeshadow, lip balm, bronzer? The answer is: it’s everything. When you apply it to your eyes, it gives you this earthy, natural look. Beware, it does crease on the eyes, so I would apply a primer: I use aloe vera gel. The creamy consistency also makes it a fantastic bronzer/highlighter.


The bronzer is another luxuriously creamy product, and I feel like you can use it for multiple purposes: eye shadow, bronzer, maybe highlight if you’re dark skinned. It’s perfect for a sun kissed glow. For me, the bronzer was a bit light, so I use it as an eyeshadow and highlighter.

Soft Focus Foundation

This foundation makes me feel like a fabulous glimmer fish. (That’s a good thing.) It feels moisturizing when you apply it to the skin and it gives you a soft glow. However, it does feel a bit oily, so I would apply it with some sort of sponge. Since I’m used to putting oils on my face, it doesn’t really bother me.

The Verdict: I would definitely buy the artists pallet and foundation again, and maybe try another one of their bronzers. I absolutely love Vapour Organics. I’m a customer for life. This make up makes my skin feel so fresh and healthy & I love all the natural ingredients! It’s what I’m all about.

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