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On Instagram, I’m getting better about sharing the products that I love and use. My DMs are always flooded with Q’s so I was like- you know what? I need to start putting this shiz on Violet Fog more often. WAY more useful, no?!

Now before I start listing out some of my favorite products/discoveries you should know that I am NOT a fan of doing flatlays! I’m a fan of research and descriptions and what actually works… what really matters lol. I shoot products whenever I am feeling inspired- wherever I am! I do try to make images as pretty as possible though- even it’s not my main priority!

First up: CURA skincare. 

I wrote about CURA a year and a half ago. It was a big hit! Lots of good research in it. So now it’s been awhile and YES I am still a really big of fan of them! There is something about a brand that just focuses on a small handful of products- they really just keep perfecting and perfecting and the quality control is on POINT. CURA’s big thing is using CALCIUM as an active ingredient, which studies have shown can really ignite regeneration in your skin.

The lotion is FULL of nutrients. And crazy enough, it absorbs SO FAST. It is perfect for before makeup. I love knowing that my lotion is doing some repair work (without retinol- which is better for night!). I feel like this product is perfect if you are wanting to do some healing from a summer’s worth of sun damage. Or if your skin is really sensitive and you need something more soothing.

I love to layer this over my oils at night! And before makeup during the day.

The cleanser is their newest product, which has aloe vera as an active ingredient. As I have said on IG, I am ALL FOR aloe vera in cleansers. My cleansers need to be GENTLE AS HECK. I do not want any cleansers stripping any of my natural oil- oh no honey not on this face! A gentle cleanser *IS* important. This one is great!

CURA offers a cute little bundle too that has both, plus a headband. If you try it let me know!

Second: The Love Goodly Subscription Box

So awhile ago on the Nice Girl’s Club secret FB group, I asked what some of your favorite subscription boxes were.

THERE ARE SO MANY SUBSCRIPTION BOXES HOLY LORD. I was overwhelmed!! But you know what? There are a lot of value in subscription boxes. 1- they are fun. 2- they are usually of really great value for what you get and 3- you can try out a lot of cool new products that perhaps you would have skipped over before. Don’t you love when you find a new ride or die product?!

Because I am new to “clean beauty” and am slowly but surely making the switch, one of my priorities right now are trying products that are green and CRUELTY FREE. If some fantastic brands out there are cruelty free, I think all brands can switch to cruelty free. That said- I do still have some products on deck that are not and I’m looking for replacements! Anyway- The Love Goodly subscription box is both VEGAN and cruelty free. They’ve worked with some incredible brands in the past- like OSEA! (A favorite of mine from Credo that my sister introduced me to.)

They are bi-monthly and the cost is ~$30. In the October/November box there was over $105 in product!! I really enjoyed the box. There was a mask with blueberry in it (I have learned my skin reacts really well to blueberry… who knew!) and a fancy little natural breath spray (not my favorite.)

My favorite– which I even gifted one to a reader a few weeks ago because I liked it so much, was this Bella Pierre blush in this dusty pinky loose powder. (valued at $35.) It was paired with this 100 percent pure blush brush that was made with antibacterial  synthetic brushes. (valued at $19.)

Love Goodly Box

I also loved their Mr. B’s aromatherapy roller ball in lavender ($12)- which has a very natural base of almond seed oil and jojoba. I gifted one of these to my girlfriends as well. I never thought I’d be on the Essential Oils train (ever! thought it was a fad) until I tried Sage air diffusers and then it just snowballed from there lol. Now I always smell like lavender, or peppermint…

Love Goodly Box review

I think if you are wanting to try a subscription box and don’t know where to start- just pick a few values and find one that fits. Do you want a package that is vegan? One that is ON POINT with what’s in trend? One that is totally Instragram worthy? One that focuses on makeup rather than skincare? Etc. You got it.

If you want to try Love Goodly– I did ask them for a special code for you guys. 🙂 Put in LOVEVIOLET for $5 off your first box as well as an additional product- a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick! Which is valued at $20. Yahoo!

Third: The Fasciablaster Mini 1

I have been working on my fascia for a year and a half now. It has been such a game changer for me. Less cellulite, less pain, improved texture of skin. My limbs have better circulation. My range of motion is better. Read my first article here– I still get so many women emailing me about this! Since this article, I have gotten some of Ashley Black (the Creator’s) other products. One of them has been the mini 1 (above) which is easy for me to throw into a suitcase for travel, or to bust out randomly to work on certain spots. Since my car accident, I have been using the mini 1 to loosen up the fascia in my back which is FOR SURE all jacked up now. It is one of the FEW THINGS that has brought me fast relief.

fasciablaster mini 1 review

Do you guys like these kind of posts!? Let me know!! I love you guys. Thanks for trusting my recommendations! 

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