This was by far my favorite Violet Fog event. And I want to tell you about it because I hope to one day meet YOU at a VF event. Meeting y’all and getting to create a space for cool ass women to come together is the BIGGEST JOY FOR ME. I may be an introvert but I live, live for good girl time.

So come to an event if you can! K?!

I PROMISE YOU WILL HAVE SO MUCH FUN. And pull lots of value from it.

Alright- so this event. This event was awesome. Biased– but… the women who came just rocked. So cool, so nice, so intelligent. My kinda crowd. The whole thing was just good, real-ass vibes throughout. It was the best planning it alongside Elaine Hayes of MNT Studio, and Margaux Lushing of Well + Away VitalGuides. Our visions aligned so perfectly.

–BTW: Baller ladies those two!! (Read Margaux’s VF interview HERE… she is the QUEEN of wellness travel. Read Elaine Hayes’s VF interview HERE… she is one of SF’s top fitness instructors and MNT’s Founder)

So it consisted of a fun (tough!) pilates bootcamp workout by Elaine. (VFers loved her- as I knew they would!)

Then lunch, where everyone could just sit and talk. Food was Thistle. Healthy AF but still so satisfying. Perfect for after a workout. And super nourishing which all the women there deserved! Queeeeens. They got to try Thistle’s juices too. I was SO EXCITED to share this food that I’ve been enjoying for YEARS now. They truly are the real deal and I just love that company so much.

Then we had a panel where Elaine, Margaux and I talked super openly on the “business of wellness.” We all work in that field in different ways so we wanted to give people the chance to pick our brains if they wanted. We talked building a business, female entrepreneurs and work friendships, and what it means to help each other out. The Q&A ended up being longer than the moderated panel so we really hope it brought value to everyone! So fun talking about passions and  shiz. Loved it!

We had really great goodie bags. A curation of all things we’ve loved.

Outdoor Voices. They gave the girl’s bags, hats, and gift cards! That brand has really been blowing up and it is truly interesting to watch. Point blank: they are SO COOL. Based in Austin and female founded– this brand is doing so many meaningful things. They’re super body positive (you can see in their social media), they’re inclusive, affordable (for being so high end), and CUTE. I really am diggin’ all they stand for. About to buy my first pair of leggings from them in fact. 😉

Pacifica Beauty. Their body and hair mist. Vegan– this brand is in Whole Foods (site here) and they are bringing back the BODY SPRAY baby! Circa 1999. But now in a cleaner formula for our eco-conscious generation. You know what… I’m so down with it. Especially after a workout. Totally fitting for this event.

OLLY vitamins. Who I’ve worked with on and off for a few years now! Margaux’s and my favorite multi vitamins are the Women’s Super Food vitamin so we crossed our fingers that they would be a part of our event and they DID! Yahoooo! So cool that everyone there got to try our favorite multi’s. They are so so good.

As I said on the panel, it’s so important for me to work with brands who don’t just want to win me over, but the entire Violet Fog community. I want them to care about Violets as much as I do. I felt very proud to have these brands at the event. So BIG thank you to them!!

ALSO- It was so awesome seeing all the photos everyone took and the stories they captured on their IGs. I promise you, we’ll do another event SOON. I would love to see those faces again.

And we had the cutest moderator for our panel: Miss. Carlie of @CaliforniaCarlie (Her site here.)

Lastly– SHOUTOUT to photographer Violetta (@Violetta.Alaiyan) for capturing images during the event and of the product, and to Jessie of Thistle for capturing photos beforehand! Full circle- we were really able to capture the whole event. Girl powweerrrrrr <3 


Can’t wait to plan the next one. 😉

MNT Studio
Well + Away
OLLY Vitamins
Outdoor Voices
Pacifica Beauty