People’s skin changes in the summer.
People’s skin changes in the winter.

….I’m here to give you some tips on caring for your skin this WINTER.

It’s drier. It’s colder. Less time in the sun. Your winter skin is not your summer skin! Let’s adjust and play with what we can– shall we?

These tips are totally doable, very beneficial, and… guess what? I’m only going to mention ONE product! And that’s Dear Brightly– the retinoid I believe is *THEE* game-changer for skin. I’ve been talking about derm-grade retinoids for YEARS. Thank you to Dear Brightly for sponsoring this post!

Be sure to read my other two articles on retinoids: An intro, and 5 reasons to use them! BTW– retinol and retinoids (aka tretinoin) are not the same thing. Retinoids are 20X more powerful and are derm-grade! Retinol is over the counter. Dear Brightly makes retinoids super accessible -meaning you don’t have to step foot in a doctor’s office to obtain them- for the first time in history.

I won’t talk your ear off. LET’S TOUCH ON WINTER SKIN!

Winter Skin Tips:


Listen, I get it. A lot of people don’t want to first try retinoids in the summer because they are out in the sun more and your skin is a little more senstive to UV rays when you’re using retinoids. TWO THINGS– One… you should be using retinoids in the summer as all you need is sunscreen for protection and retinoids help counteract the damage done by UV rays. Two… I get it, people are still skeptical about first trying retinoids in the summer. *Sigh*…. I digress. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable! But now it’s winter so if you’ve been wanting to try retinoids- My goodness, TRY THEM. Why spend $50+ on a luxury RETINOL product when it won’t get you NEAR the results that a retinoid would?

Retinoids will help you with fine lines, building collagen, acne, scarring, pigmentation problems, and more! I SERIOUSLY CANNOT RECOMMEND RETINOIDS ENOUGH. People tell me how great my skin is all the time and I never fail to point out what retinoids have done for me.

You used to have to see a Dermatologist in office to get retinoids. NOW, for the first time ever, you can get them through Dear Brightly. You just submit photos online to a Derm. So easy! And cost-effective too. If you start now, come Spring you’ll start to see some serious results.

2. Eat more beta-carotene rich foods to boost your glow.

Thankfully a ton of root veggies have a ton of beta-carotene and they are in season during the winter! Root veggies can be hearty so a lot of people forgo them during the summer. Pick them back up!! Start putting them in at least one meal every day during the winter.

Beta-Carotene is a the precursor to Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps your cells turnover. Healthy cell turnover = healthy skin.

3. Don’t forget your sunscreen during the winter.

OH I GET IT. It’s cold out, perhaps even cloudy and rainy… so you think you don’t need sunscreen. HONAY– you do. You really do. There is no better anti-ager than staying out of the sun… or at least protecting yourself from it… so WEAR. THAT. SUNSCREEN. Give your skin a break this season! Let the photoaging that perhaps happened during summer calm down. Don’t add to it!

4. Try overnight masks for extra moisture.

I’ll do this sometimes on nights I’m not using my Dear Brightly. Masks are like this warm blanket on the face that just soothes (unless it’s a cleansing/acne one.) While 10, 20, 30 minute masks are fantastic… try an overnight one! It doesn’t even have to be fancy either. For example, a honey mask overnight (yes- simply raw or manuka honey) can be a wonderful way to restore moisture to the skin’s barrier. Just try to sleep on your back. 😉

5. Learn how to do facial massage with gua sha tools.

….It’s basically an instant facelift. It helps your lymph system and really smoothes out the face. It’s a very HEALTHY thing to do for your skin. It really contours and gets the blood moving. Isn’t it nice to get the blood moving in your face especially when it’s cold as heck outside? Also– these tools are only ~$15 on amazon. Not bad at all and once you purchase them, you have them forever. See my video below for how I do it!

But in the end– the tip I recommend most is start your retinoids! As always- send me a DM on Instagram (@TheVioletFog) with any Qs you might have!