Hot damn, hot damn… what a party y’all!

In case you missed all the action on our socials- here’s a recap: On Violet Fog’s one month birthday, we held our launch party! So many inspiring, lovely, wonderful people were in the room that night. Old friends, new friends… we were so happy to see everyone having a great time. It was a BLAST going through everyone’s Fyuses, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Snapchats the next morning! We called each other and were like, “ARE YOU SEEING ALL THIS?!”… it made us the happiest of the happy- you have no idea.

Throughout this recap we’ll be posting some of your stuff! HUGE thank you to everyone. We are a community and we’re so grateful that you showed up to celebrate with us!

Cheers to our friends in the room that night, new and old alike!

We held our party at the drop dead GORGEOUS venue, Monroe. It’s in North Beach and has this retro 1920’s Hollywood vibe. It was absolutely perfect. Like… could not have picked a better place.

Right from the start of setting up, we knew this was going to be a rockin’ night. Thank you to Cyrus, who caught so much of it!

We were fortunate enough to be sponsored by one of our favorite apps: FYUSE. This app creates 3D images and makes photos come alive! It’s so rad. Cynthia goes nuts over the food snaps on it and I really like how it showcases outfits “in motion.” Once you do your first Fyuse and play around with it, you’ll be like “whoaaaa.” Our response at least! 😛

DJ Marc Dee played the dopest throw back jams. Boy was BRINGIN’ the HEAT. We got down. And it helped that we all had fuel in the belly to boogie through the night… which brings us to the food!

We were so lucky to have some #BOMBASSDANKASS food and desserts.

IMG_7730We had the CUTEST (and yummiest) cupcakes from Whisk Me Away. The owner is a brilliant female entrepreneur that we were ecstatic to work with. Her presentation is unreal! Photo by: Cyrus Tolentino

Another hit: donut ice cream sandwiches from one of our neighborhood favorites, Lush Gelato! Y’all gotta check out his spot in Russian Hill on Polk- always crazy fun flavors every week. People at the party were la la loving his creations. Sometimes happiness is found between a donut. 😉

And finally we had Ken Turner preparing some specialty bites as a preview for his new venture– yes, he is the talented man who will be taking over Claire’s Deli that everyone is abuzz about! He is so passionate and just lights up when talking about bringing good food to the community. To have him there was such a delight.

We also had these INCREDIBLE lady artists doing artwork throughout the party for us. And not just any artwork- they were creating designs from LIPSTICK all over the mirrors with all of The Violet Fog’s main mottos and phrases. Like “Brain is the new ass”, “Nice Girls Club” and “Bad boys got nothing on good men.” These women are so damn creative, they brought an element to the party that was super out of the box and fun!

Graphic Designer @Sheiscreativ and artist @Margaret did the below designs. UMMM HOW COOL!

And then there was @Dressed_InBlack‘s artwork. How creative is this brain piece of lipstick art?? We wanted to frame it and put it up in our house!

So much talent! Mind was actually blown. Like… shoulda died. Hah.

How about this cute snap that @FashionByAlly took? Our little bathroom mirror message for the ladies. <3

And our photobooth was poppppinnnn all night!


That GOOD MAN right there? That’s Food Coma King! One of the funniest and most enthusiastic foodies in the Bay Area. Next to him is Lily of @eatingthroughSF. And our very talented intern Alison who helped make this night happen!


And this guy’s style gets us every time. So edgy! His blog is way rad. Mista @Dopensteez! Freakin’ gem.


SF beauty and style blogger, Mizz @RachelVogtTrends looking like a QUEEN. Look who’s on it with our favorite fall trend!

This beauty- “The Girl In The Yellow Dress”, LaTisha Springer! Really nice having her there always crushing the outfit game!

[champagne campaign] celebrating @thevioletfog tonight // @les_mechantes // #howdoyougetnaughty

A photo posted by Kathleen Ensign (@katwalksf) on

Here’s local fashion blogger, @katwalksf wearing pieces from her online fashion store Les Mechantes.

 We even got special “Chestie” photos with THEE The Dressed Chest! Quite possibly one of our favorite men’s fashion feeds to follow! Not only are his outfits incredible, but his captions are super witty. Dig it!

Just some (Good) Girls being girls in the bathroom. ?? Mimo and I had a great time at the launch party!

A photo posted by #XelaGaerlan (@alexbackwards) on

Can we just say onnnnnneeee more time how much it means to us to have your guy’s support? We want to straight up bear hug you all. And to share the night side by side with such wonderful artists and chefs in such a gorgeous venue… was truly a highlight for us. We’ll have an entire album of people’s snaps and photos on our Facebook later this evening. BRAIN IS THE NEW ASS! Successful night thanks to YOU!! xx

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