It sounds simple, but when I was a stylist years ago, often clients would ask me how they should tuck their shirt in. Or, ways to tuck your shirt. Specifically, your standard tee. (I’ll touch on button downs another time.) Sometimes they wouldn’t know if their tuck looked “frumpy” or “off.” And I got it! Such a little detail but it can make a difference when you do it right.

This might seem obvious, but the tucks and ties are easy once you know how to do it. So I’m going to show you some casual and fun ways to tuck your shirt or tie it to change its structure.


ways to tuck your shirt

Favorite, most simple tuck. Great for showing off a belt too.

ways to tuck your shirt

The most casual. Also great for layering- having half the shirt poke out under a sweater.

ways to tuck your shirt

Great for adding some character to a tee. Bigger “bun” = higher rise on midriff.

ways to tuck your shirt

Great way to give some “sexy” to your tee or just to make a baggy tee tighter.

And thurrrr you go! 4 easy ways to tuck your shirt!

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    Karma Bennett

    I recently got hand-me-down one of those plastic thingies used in the eighties to tuck your shirt corner through, like a belt buckle. I think it may be time to bring this look back. What do you think?

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Oh I remember those! I think that if they were done in a way that looks like “I purposely want you to see this” then perhaps it could something cute and different! Like maybe not a clear one but a colorful one that plays well with the outfit. But again– I’m not entirely sure and would want to see it. I’m so interested though, I haven’t thought about those in forever! If you try it, you gotta tell us what you thought or take a pic and send it in! We’d love to hear your thoughts on a trial run! xx


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