We wanted to see how dressed up some San Francisco women were getting. So last week during lunch hours, we hit the streets of the Financial District with Melissa to photograph women doing their work thang! We asked about their dreams too… you know, we ARE a city of dreamers. 🙂

A lot of women we photographed told us they found true enjoyment in dressing up for work. And each one had such a boldness and light about them. Not to get super cheese on you- but talking with these women left Cynthia, Melissa and I feeling so enlightened and inspired. We talked with some REALLY cool f*cking women. It was an awesome day!

Oh and really quick: wanted to say what bad asses women in their 40s are. All of them so confidently stated their age, it was like.. *Finger Snap* Grown woman and owning it! LOVED that. And appreciated them so much for it.


Women of San Francisco out there doing work… how much we admire you.  <3

Jennifer, 35, Project Manager at a real estate firm
“My dream title…. ‘Chief Happiness Officer!'”
She said she LOVES rockin’ the heels for work. Sass! We dig it.

Stacie, 20, confidently on her way to a job interview
“My dream career is to work in fashion design.”
Her outfit was mostly thrifted.! So… Savvy, smart, AND rad style? Mucho respect girl.

The most beaming, happy face. We are rooting for you Stacie! And wearing your clothes when you’re famous 😉

Karen, 48, works at a Family Office Exchange
“What’s my dream? I’m living it. I’m living my dream life!”
Um, can you be our mentor? haha.. #ButReally

Adia, 30, works in Insurance
“My dream would be to produce music”
We chased her down for blocks… she was such an elegant woman! And her outfit was killin’ it.

Agnes, 34, works with investment banks
“My dream would be, to be full time with my singing group ‘Dancing Dream’
 Hard working business woman AND in a tribute band to ABBA…. some women can have it all!

Agnes’s accessory game was on point!

Charlotte, 37, works in fashion
“I went to fashion school in San Francisco.. it’s my dream to be the Asian Rachel Zoe!”
Hell yeah get it girl. This woman was so kind and engaging. We could have talked to her for hours!

She told us she loves shopping consignment and her skirt? THEE most fancy fun! We all just loved it.

Kate, 32, Business Coach
“My dream is what I’m doing!… Or to open a gluten-free, vegan bakery.”
And we shall send over our Vegan friends! hehe 😉 

Lisa, 47, RDA/Dental
“I dress sassy! And I dress up every single day… even on weekends! My dream? Be my own Boss!”
And damn this woman WAS a straight up BAWSE.

Ali, 31, works in food
“My dream is to change the food systems of the world.”
Girl we’ll be rooting for you and we love your spirit!

Ali was with her friend Jenn, and it was so cool to see how they talked about each other’s work, so supportive! Aren’t good girlfriends the best?

Jen, 31, Freelance Producer / Advertising / Fashion Blogger (love her instagram!)
“My dream is to inspire style in others.”

Sometimes the best accessory is your budday

….We gotta say it again: we left feeling SO inspired by all these women. We really want to thank them for talking to us and letting us photograph them! What a beautiful day.

Oh and P.S… realest moment ever, courtesy of Agnes:
How crazy we can relate girl!

All street style photos by Melissa De Mata