Giving up dairy was hard for me. But I officially said goodbye to it?in June of 2015. My initial?intention was to help prevent?eczema flareups. (And it really did help with that!)

For well over a year now, I’ve maintained a 90+% dairy free diet.

The fact that giving up dairy has almost 100% eliminated my eczema flareups makes it well worth it to me. But what about all the other claims out there saying that giving up dairy can boost your energy, help clear your skin, shed a few pounds, help with allergies and congestion help with bloating, etc etc.?

There are a LOT of claims out there regarding the many benefits of giving up dairy. So what changed for me in 14 months of being 90% dairy free? (Besides no eczema)

Not a damn thing. Not. A. Damn. THING. Y’all.?

14 months of cheeseless pizza. Cheeseless tacos. Almond/coconut/cashew milk lattes. Soy everything (yogurt, ice cream, etc)…. and no additional changes. Not one. And in the last year I haven’t changed much else about my routine and diet other than that.

Has my skin gotten clearer? Nope. Still the exact same.

Did I lose weight? Ummm not at all. If anything I gained weight at first because I was substituting my old dairy foods for more meat and other carbs. Since I’ve learned how to balance and it’s been good but I certainly wouldn’t say it’s helped me with keeping trim.

Has my energy increased? Not uh. The only time I notice a difference in energy is when I’m exercising more. Removing dairy from my diet didn’t give me boosts of energy like a lot of people claimed/have experienced.

Changes in congestion when sick? No! I usually get sick maybe once a year and the last time I was sick I had been dairy free for a long time. Still as mucous-y and cough-y as ever. Still lasted as long as it usually did.

Did it help with bloating? I still get just as bloated with or without dairy. Bathroom schedule the exact same too.

I would LOVE to say that giving up dairy has done many wonderful things for me. But it hasn’t. My reason for telling you guys this is because often we tend to think because some fitness or health guru/website/friend said something worked for them, we think it’s going to work for us. But the truth is, we’re all so damn different that we can’t bank on the same things working for us. It might, and it’s often worth a try. But it’s not guaranteed, and we shouldn’t go into things blindly. We need to investigate and do some thorough research on our own routines and bodies to better help make future decisions.

What does paying attention more to our bodies and routines look like??It means REALLY taking the time to ask ourselves things like:

“I felt tired all day. What did I eat? What did I do?”?“I felt freaking AWESOME today. What did I eat? What didn’t I eat that I usually do? What did I do today?”

“I’ve been using this moisturizer for a month now and my XYZ is improving. What is the main active ingredients in this so I know what kinds of things work well for my skin in future products? What has NOT worked and what are THOSE active ingredients?” <— Really LOOK for patterns.

“I got a new vitamin/powder boost for smoothies/elixir to try. FIRST… how have I been feeling so that I can later measure up my results in a few weeks?” <— Record certain things that you want to test and can measure.

Shit like that y’all. It makes all the difference in making better educated decisions for ourselves in the future.?Question everything! This is another reason why in all VF health/beauty articles we reference scientific research from actual science journals and studies, not just popular blogs/websites that have made claims.

When we pay attention more, we can narrow down what works and what doesn’t. Don’t just look at a brand, look at the ingredients and keep track for future purchases. You’ll save so much money when you eliminate exactly what doesn’t work for you. You can try all the products and diets in the world but if you don’t take the time to really investigate and record how it effects you, then you haven’t really done yourself a service to BEST understand your body even more. You’ll forget. You’ll keep making the same mistakes. Don’t do that to yoself, woman!

So giving up?dairy has done a lot for many people. For me… it only helped with my eczema. If I didn’t have eczema, I’d fa SHO go back to eating dairy because…. holy shit I miss cheese so much. I want my cheese life back! lol

P.S– Worth noting though, is that there is all this new talk about A2 milk. Which is regular milk but made with a different protein than regular milk (which would be A1.) Supposedly it makes it so that it doesn’t break down to cause bloating and gas but also there are eczema sufferers who have reported switching over to A2 milk and are seeing less and less eczema flair-ups. I hear A2 milk tastes the same as regular milk too… any of you tried it? I’m going to try it!

What have you guys tried that everyone said worked so well for them but didn’t for you? Or vice versa? Girl talk is knowledge!?

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    I feel like this article is not about health/beauty decisions, it’s about LIFE! “Question everything” is a great mantra to keep in mind. Thanks Katey!

    I still cannot get meditation thing everyone is raving about these days. But maybe it’s just my impatience to see the results soon. Have you tried it?

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Yes! 100% yes– question everything! I haven’t tried the meditation thing but I DO pray all the time and that helps me tremendously. But I do it while multi-tasking… if I did it without distraction I’m sure it’d be even more good for me. But I hear you… I’m so ADD it’s hard for me! -Katey


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