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Omega 3 Fish Oil

A lot of people take Omega 3 fish oil. (If you don’t, you should consider it!) But also… a lot of people don’t lol. An estimated 90% of people don’t get enough Omega 3s in their diet.

A lot of people also unknowingly take half-assed made kind of fish oil that isn’t as effective. Myself included years ago- I took the cheap ass COSTCO brand for an entire year! It turns out that not all fish oil is created equal.

What are Omega 3s?

Omega 3s are another name for Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are found in the human body and certain foods (mainly oily fish.) They are ESSENTIAL because the body can’t synthesize them on their own- aka we need them from our FOOD. In our diet!

There are 3 types: EPA and DHA (Which mainly come from certain fish like salmon and sardines.) And ALA (which mainly come from high-quality oils, flaxseeds, walnuts, and chia seeds.

We need all 3. As someone who only gets ALA’s in her diet because I don’t eat fish, I make sure to supplement with fish oil where I can get EPAs and DHAs.

Here are some scientific studies on why Omega 3 Fish Oil kicks ass and some benefits… before we get into what can happen if you don’t get enough.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits Include:

+ It’s nutrients for the brain. In fact, they PROTECT the brain. (That’s why certain specialists tell head trauma patients to UP UP UP their intake of Omega 3 right after an injury.) Omega 3s help support normal growth and development and helps ward off inflammation. Read this article from Harvard.

+ It’s freaking GREAT for the heart. It lowers blood pressure and reduces triglycerides (high triglycerides paired with bad cholesterol is a sign of artery walls getting clogged btw)… with proper Omega 3s on a consistent basis you are lowering the risk of irregular heart rhythms, stroke, and heart attacks. Mayo Clinic backs it (but there are studies who challenge this claim!) Most that I have found support this claim though but it’s also good to know the other sides if there are any.

+ It promotes eye health. It’s great for dry eyes and there are studies showing how it helps in the developmental stage of the eye but many are still split on whether or not fish oil aids in the preservation of it too.

+It’s good for skin. There are studies that claim regular supplementation can dull sensitivity to UV rays (big plus!) and also aid in healing with certain skin disorders such as psoriasis. Not to mention… I personally notice that since taking the right kind of fish oil, my skin feels less dry and retains more of its “dewiness.” Just my own observation!

+It’s good for the hair. The fatty acids are said to help promote healthy hair follicles by helping to keep them hydrated. And I swear to G I think it makes my hair grow a little longer and thicker lol.

+It’s anti-inflammatory. States Dr. Axe, “EPA and DHA omega-3s are capable of inhibiting many aspects of inflammation.” It can help with stiffness, soreness…. even poor HEALING. (Do ever think about how fast or slow you recover? Something to consider.) Omega 3s inhibit many healing aspects of the body. Contrary- many Omega 6s causes inflammation.

Being Deficient In Omega 3s

Some signs of being deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids include excessive inflammation + poor healing, digestive issues, joint and muscle pain, mental health issues (like depression), + more if you really dig deep.

Other things to pay attention to: drier eyes than usual, nails breaking easily, frequent urination, and excessive ear wax.

The Best Fish Oil To Buy

In order for our fish oil to work at it’s best, it’s gotta be some good, quality shit.

Most fish oil can leave you with a fishy aftertaste or make you kinda burpy. Or it can even upset your stomach a little. Well, real-deal QUALITY made fish oil is not supposed to do that. In fact, if your fish oil is doing that right now, it’s probably not working effectively.

My Mom is a big believer in taking Omega 3 fish oils (She’s an Eye Doctor so she’s big on the eye health part) and anyway, she broke it down for me once like this (which I’ve since confirmed with my own research):

“The cheap fish oil doesn’t cut it. When fish oil is processed, they have to take the mercury out and when this happens it splits the fish oil molecules up. But the cheap brands aren’t spending the money to put the molecules back together correctly in their natural form (the quality brands, however, are!) so it ends up going rancid– hence the fishy taste. To make up for the fishy taste, the cheaper brands often create a thicker coating for the pill which actually negates the benefits because it takes WAY longer to break down.”

Here’s more research on this. Basically, when it’s done right and the money is spent to put the molecules back in the proper form (and it comes from a quality source), there should be no fishy aftertaste, less chance of spoilage, and a faster absorption rate into the body.

The kind I take is Nordic ProOmega Soft Gels or Ancient Nutrition Omega 3s and I absolutely love them. I’ll rotate them. Again- not sponsored…. and I don’t even use affiliate links! I just really love these brands and wanted to recommend them. I’ve not once had a fishy aftertaste.

Why we need Omega 3s

So upgrade your fish oil, people! And if you’re just trying it for the first time, don’t skimp on quality! I’ll lecture anyone who asks haha! See…


*** We used to be roomies, P.S.

So… what are your thoughts on Omega 3 fish oils? Something you have considered before or no? #BrainIsTheNewAss

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