….Because I kinda sorta really like them. And even though I have a few friends who loooove to give me shit about them, I can proudly say I think they are the coolest and most comfy things in the world and I just can’t give them up. I own this pair and I’m fairly certain these will eventually end up in my closet as well.

Athletic Slides… they’re just my thing! I love them. I love them for “kickin’ it” outfits. I love them for running errands. I love to be able to just throw em’ them on with ease in 0.2 seconds when I gotta run downstairs real quick. If the future love of my life were to be like, “Me or the shoes!” I’d pick the shoes.

I’m kidding you guys. But it’s obvious. I love my slides.



So just for FUN… what do you guys think of this trend? We’re thinking this comment section could get really funny… so let it fly ladies!

…Says Cynthia: “I’ll go first. Hell to the no. Those 100% look like old man shoes.” 

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