I’m a creature of habit with what works when it comes to buying clothes. Like Old Navy tees— I’ve been convinced for years that they make the best baby-doll/fitted tees in all the land. They’re comfortable, they elongate the heck out of your torso, and they can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Love em. And…*Le Sigh*…how many times I’ve said I wanted to work with Old Navy for a “tee” post, I don’t even know. 😛  Twenty times. So I’m stoked to do this “educational” style post for y’all.

I’m going to show you guys specific things I look for when buying tees to ensure a MUCHO flattering fit that’s comfortable, and of course, a shirt that lasts. 

When it comes to affordable retailers, I do think Old Navy is among the best when it comes to the quality of their tees. I have a striped fitted tee of theirs that I’ve had for years, wear and wash often, and it still looks brand new. And it’s cute! Back when I was a stylist, I used to always recommend them for their “fitted” tees.

But okay, lets just talk tees in general.


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+ GOOD STITCHING. Don’t purchase a shirt that has sloppy stitching. When stitches are too far apart, the shirt won’t hold it’s shape for long. Old Navy stitching is really good given their price. Their tees hold shape better than ever now.
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+SOFT ENOUGH FABRIC. When a shirt is kind of “starchy” or stiff, it’s not going accentuate your curves. Or feel comfortable. For fitted tees, softer fabric means it won’t tug or pinch anywhere. For relaxed tees, softer fabric means it’ll “drape” more elegantly on your body. If buying online, look at the “make” of it. Blends are usually pretty soft. Old Navy has a selection of tees that are linen-blend and soft-washed. Here’s the one I got. 🙂

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 +IF IT “SMOOTHS OUT” OR NOT. If it’s a fitted tee, I want a tee that doesn’t show the outline of my bra, so it has to be thick enough. Look for a shirt that will accentuate your curves seamlessly.

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+HITS AT THE TOP/MIDDLE RANGE OF YOUR BUTT. It’s the perfect length! Shows curve still, has enough length to give you “forgiving room” if it rides up (I have a booty… “wail tail” is a very real thing I have to look out for when I bend over! lol)… I find that this exact length elongates the torso perfectly too.

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+ENOUGH STRETCH TO EASILY “KNOT UP.” I’m a fan of tying knots in my tees or tucking them in certain ways, a shirt that can easily do that, and also bounce back shape wise after, is something I look for. Old Navy’s relaxed tees have the perfect amount of stretch and structure to them. Here’s the “relaxed tee” above. I got this one in a small and it’s loose (as I wanted it.) I’m 5’6- just for frame of reference. 😉

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+LONG ENOUGH SLEEVES CUT STRAIGHT ACROSS. This is actually one of the biggest things for me. Sometimes short sleeve tees cut their tees too short, which in turn can highlight your upper arm at it’s biggest place (closer to your armpit.) Or the sleeves are cut at an awkward diagonal (this is common!!! I see this all the time) which also makes arms appear bigger than they are. It should look pretty “straight across” when it comes to the ends of the sleeves and where they hit on your arm. You’ll see what I mean if you start looking for this. 😉 Get this shirt here! (Same relaxed tee in an XS) It’s sooo comfy.

Seriously y’all. Consider these things when purchasing your next tees and you’ll come away with better tees for your bod! Thanks again to Old Navy!

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