I’m 32 now. And I want to give a polite “UP yours” to every person who, on my 29th birthday, implied how I better enjoy that year because the fun is up once you’re in your 30s! SO DUMB.

Article updated in 2020!

Really, eff that. WHAT is over? The crippling self-consciousness that comes with being in your 20s? The feeling of obligation to waste time entertaining relationships that are really no more than acquaintances? Career wise- having to prove yourself extra hard to dispel the immediate you’re-in-your-20s-you’re-an-idiot notion?

OKAY COOL! Good riddance! My 20s were great but I’m sure as hell happy to be in my 30s. 30s rock!

The fun is not over after 30. Our idea of fun will continue to evolve throughout life! Fun times don’t just die… lol.

Let’s first talking social life in your 30s. 

We don’t stop going out and being SOCIAL after 30. Maybe less, because we prioritize other things… but if women over 30 stopped going out, bars and venues would see a significant decrease in revenue. They’d plead to have the 30s peeps back.

For the record, if 30s meant you don’t go out as often well consider me 30 since I was 18! 😛

The 30’s can be a very sexy, social time to look forward to. When we go out, for instance, we make better drinking decisions because we have that wisdom. We drink better liquor (if we choose to keep drinking at all). We’re no longer surrounded by these ManBoy Frat-heads in tank tops pounding shots. We toast to our career advancements, to good things happening in the world… rather than just “IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT BITCHES! DRINK!” The social aspect continues, but I really do feel it’s elevated.

We might not go OUT out as frequently as we get older, but that’s not because we can’t or we’re not welcome to (obviously we are) but more-so because our idea of fun will shift. We start to take pleasure in other ways to spend our time.

At 32, I’ll hit the town for a night out once in a while (Remember I am a true introvert so this needs planning!) but I will not go out just to “go out” anymore. There’s gotta be a purpose. And that’s alllllll good. Ladies, we can honor our learned (or earned?) wisdom and have fun simultaneously. You don’t just have to pick one. You can have as much of a social life as you like, no matter the age! I know so many women in their 30s with a hot social life. They’re responsible, productive, respected…and STILL GO OUT! Some of them are married too! Or have kids. They find a way! And they don’t give a f*ck that they are over 30.

Now let’s talk about looks. Are you going to start getting some fine lines in your late twenties/early 30s? YEP. But who cares? It does not mean you don’t still got it. It doesn’t mean you’re “not as pretty” as you once were. You’re going to look mostly the same for a longgggg time. Just take care of yourself. Do whatever you can (or hell- just whatever you want to) for prevention. (My prevention of choice is retinoids!) Whether you’re pulling out all the stops or not doing a damn thing… it doesn’t matter, just don’t obsess. It’s not good for you. Myself.. I’m a freaking NUT about my skin. But even as I take preventative measures, I know that unless I die early, the years WILL keep coming and I WILL age. But it’s slowly!! It’s never overnight! And I don’t mind it! Bring it on, life! 

Technically, you could actually get better looking in your 30s. Especially if you were hard on your body in your 20s. You can up your workout game more than you ever did in your 20s. You can try to do your makeup better. Play up your features more, dress more flattering– I don’t know! All the things! But we can always improve if we really want to. But you know what? As I type this, I’m wondering out loud, does it really matter? It doesn’t. Just wanted to reiterate that it doesn’t all go out the window at a certain age.

And look at it this way: the added confidence that comes with your late 20s and 30s pretty much equals you out to your prior early/mid 20s “perfect” self– because chances are your ass was way more insecure then. Insecurity isn’t pretty. Confidence, though, that’s sooooo sexy. And confidence knows no age.

An aging Woman is damn beautiful. Especially if she welcomes it and just owns that ish. You can age and own it, or you can age and not own it! The choice is yours!

Next up, let’s discuss the metabolism. Sure, it begins to slow a bit… but if you’re exercising and eating healthy then you’ll be fine! FINE! I promise. My metabolism has stayed the same since my mid-20s. Eating healthy and exercising is something we should be trying to do anyway, right? So what’s the big deal? Better for your body’s functionality anyway. Even ultra skinny 21ers shouldn’t be eating crap. If you’re finding you have to work harder to keep your figure then, hey… just do it. It really isn’t that bad. It’s hard work to stay in shape back then, it’s hard work to stay in shape NOW. Nothing changes. Also think: embrace some extra curves! Va va voom baby! Why not? Maybe you’ll feel more confident with extra curves or softness! Talk kindly to yourself. Say f*ck off to society standards and view your body as a warrior chamber of vitality- treat it with love!

Don’t let a few MINOR wrinkles and a slightly slower metabolism make you think you’re old. The wrinkles may not happen until way later in life, the metabolism may never really slow! But if it does (and there’s a good chance it will) understand that the body is always in flux and in your  30s, your body is still relatively young. And the mind can be young forever! As my Mom always tells me, “I’m 70 and I don’t feel old!” My Dad is almost 82– more energy than most 20-year-olds I know.

Even Erik Erikson (famed developmental psychologist) says young adulthood is 19-40. FORTY!

Psychologist Carl Jung (whom we can thank for the Meyers Briggs personality test) states that around age 30 is when we begin to focus less on personal concerns such as materialism and sexuality and more on collective concerns such as humanity and community. I think that’s a good thing. He also believes that if we just acknowledge that shift and don’t try to fight it, we shouldn’t feel so neurotic and worried about getting older. And again, “getting older” doesn’t mean “old.”

And if after allllll this you’re still worried about getting older, look at the following celebrities in their FORTIES and beyond. Obviously, their accomplishments are 374328X more important than their looks but since we already went there, may I present to you:

Gong Li. 53.

Roselyn Sanchez. 45.

Halle Berry. 52.

Heidi Klum. 45.

Jennifer Lopez. 50.

Padma Lakshmi. 48.


Your time is not running out. Let yourselves relax! We cannot have our Queens of the world running around stressed over something so silly and out of their control! (I also have thoughts on fertility but that’s another story! Preview: I’m not as worried about it as society wants me to be!)

So Babetown! Listen up. Let’s focus on confidence, health and happiness first and we will shine no matter the age. 30s are SOOOOOO INCREDIBLE. The confidence, the quality of people around you, the wisdom! Cheers to the female rebels of every age.

I’ve heard some real fun starts after 60 anyway. 😉

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