Bet you never thought more about your immune system than now!

It’s important!!! Especially with what we are all going through.

One silver lining of this is that people are given an eye-opener they may have needed to finally change their habits in a way that will keep them healthier in the long run. Little things add up.

I care about your health and I want you to know, even just one small addition to your diet or routine can impact your immune system in a positive way. We may not all be able to do complete overhauls (some will)– but little things here and there… we can do.

I am thanking OM Mushrooms for helping me keep a paycheck by sponsoring this research. They are a phenomenal company. I searched for YEARS for a mushroom company to finally support. You know my standards!! OM hits my standards. They are a small company aiming to do right by people- from the quality of their product to their price point. To getting the education on mushrooms out there. I am beyond impressed by them and am so happy and proud to support. They also just got into Whole Foods which is a big win for them! And us! More accessibility. If you choose to purchase their products online, use code VIOLETFOG for a discount. <3 (Here is exactly what Chaga I get from OM!)

Let’s get into Chaga.

***You know this is never professional or medical advice! Just research and my opinion.

I’m a big fan of mushrooms in general.

A very general Mushrooms 101

Typically mushrooms come in extracts, mycelium, or fruiting bodies. That’s a discussion for another time but if you want the VF opinion- I go towards a blend of mycelium and fruiting bodies. If you do your research, you will see there is arguments for both: Some experts believe most of the magic lie in the mycelium (kinda like the stem cells of the fungus part), other experts believe the magic lies in the fruiting bodies (the parts of the mushroom we actually see when it grows).

The reality is- there are healing and medicinal compounds in both mycelium and the fruiting bodies. I like to get it from BOTH. Unfortunately, most powders out there are, one… not organic and two, usually JUST mycelium or JUST fruiting bodies. OM Mushrooms are organic and they use both compounds! Their serving sizes are 2 grams as well– which is a significant dose!

To make it more likely that you would achieve a certain effect from mushrooms (better cognitive function, help with immune system, etc)… dosage matters. I always say this Violets, DOSAGE MATTERSSSSS. When it comes to herbs and food- don’t assume that a company is suggesting a serving size that is a proper medicinal dose. We gottttts to do our homework. At the same time- different doses work for different people.

Why I’m not the biggest fan of extracts is because mushrooms are the world’s most absorbable sponges. In my mind. Mushrooms absorb everything in their surrounding environment– this could mean even mold and animal feces! Gross right. It worries me a bit when mushrooms are collected in the wild. I prefer mushrooms that have been grown in a controlled environment. Sure, some argue that they don’t develop as many defense mechanisms being grown in a perfect, controlled environment (these defense mechanisms could benefit us)- but it’s such a small percent that I don’t mind it. I still prefer a controlled environment.

So in short- I like powder form and one that is both mycelium and fruiting bodies.

So what is Chaga and can it be good for me?

Here’s the deal with chaga itself– it naturally has NO caffeine. It has kind of an earthy taste that I find easily disguisable. It’s been around for THOUSANDS of years. People have used it to help their immune systems. Chaga is PACKED with rich antioxidants. (See this analysis here.)

While more human clinical trials are needed- test tube and animal studies have shown us that chaga mushrooms can activate certain cells within our immune system. Like it’s THAT strong.

What is really cool is that is has shown ANTI-VIRAL properties as well! Now, it hasn’t been tested against the COVID-19 strain but this is still promising.

It has also been reported that it can help with your liver. (YESSSSSSS. Study here– it was more on physical endurance but it mentioned the liver benefits!)

And it can help with inflammation! I am always making a point to eat more anti-inflammatory foods. I need it! Study here.

And duh, YES… helps the immune system! (Study here)

Chaga OM mushrooms review

There are a few ways I like to incorporate chaga.

BTW- I try to get in 2-3 grams, or 2000-3000mg a day… at least 4-5X a week!

I will put Chaga in coffee (I’m trying to drink less coffee though!), tea, potions….

Beyond that, sometimes I put it in soups or include it in the seasoning for glazes/sauces.

It can go in a sweet OR savory dish/drink.

What you must know is DEFINITELY put it in something hot (not boiling) though as it makes it more bioavailable. I also like to pair it with a healthy fat as some vitamins in Chaga work well alongside a healthy fat!

I love it, it’s one of those foods that I find it so easy to incorporate throughout my day. It’s a no brainer thing for me to add, which I really appreciate.

CHAGA is not for people who are on blood thinners or are diabetic. Read side effects here.

1 serving of OM MUSHROOM Chaga is 1 teaspoon- it is 2 grams!

If you were to take 2 teaspoons of Chaga a day– you’d get an extra SEVEN GRAMS of fiber in your diet! Isn’t that also so awesome? Really great for the gut. Many people are not getting in enough fiber!

Keep your poops healthy! Keep your gut healthy! Get in that fiber! Little bits here and there make a difference. To me, the fact that Chaga has that much fiber in it is SUCH a plus.

Well, Violets! THAT is my spiel! Major fan of Chaga. We will talk lion’s mane next– which I love for cognitive function.

Definitely use my code VIOLETFOG for a discount (Here is exactly what I get at OM) Feel free to DM me at @TheVioletFog with any Qs! And leave below if you already take Chaga- let’s spread the word! FOOD IS MEDICINE!