*Le Sigh*…. *Heart Eyes*…. I can’t praise the Myers-Briggs Personality test enough! I am BIG into Communications Studies… and this test is fascinating.

If you want to sharpen your own self-awareness (very important and enlightening) or want to really make an effort to understand another person in your life better… you gotta get down with MB. It won’t give you ALL the answers. But it’ll tell you a lot. Basically…

The Myers-Briggs is a psychological test that measures how you mentally and emotionally perceive the world. It looks at how you make decisions about the way you live your daily life. It aims to give insight on how you tick. It identifies 16 different types. Each is offered a 4 letter code, ex: ISTP, ESFJ, INFJ, ENTP. Etc.

It’s detailed. These answers are not generic. When I studied it at Long Beach State, I had a professor that once claimed it as “the holy grail of Communications Studies research.” Loved that.

Before I get more into it:
—-> Take the test here! Best one!
—-> This website has the best definitions of each type.
—-> 70-ish questions. Get real with yourself. Answer it SUPER honestly for the most accurate results. It better explains your personality… when you actually tell it your true personality. 

The validity lies in that it’s been continuously studied and funded in research for almost 100 years now, and majority of its participants show little if any variation in their results! They almost always type the same! That alone is one strong indicator of a reliable psychometric test.

This test does not and can not evaluate whether or not someone is a good or bad person.  It doesn’t tell someone’s value system, or the things they are into. It doesn’t rank one personality over another. There is no wrong, right, or better type. Myers-Briggs doesn’t aim to put you in a box. It simply gives you a heavily studied, heavily researched, albeit subjective, point of view. Is it perfect? No. Is it useful and enlightening? Definitely.

Don’t disregard it until you’ve  1) actually taken the test…. and 2) THEN studied up on your results… beyond just the little blurb it gives you at the end. Important k? You gotta do your research after taking the test! And the percentages of each letter code plays a huge role too- you can place high and low in certain areas. When you start digging, I’m certain that you will have at LEAST one light bulb go off regarding your type once you’ve read about it. I had like, ten go off. Haha. I’m not joking! It’s almost creepy.

For me, I’m an INFP. And when I read up on INFPs, I thought someone had read my diary. Seriously. It explained a LOT. It was probably 90% spot on. INFPs (my type) are the always day-dreaming, kinda abstract, well meaning free birds that love people but also love to hermit it up sometimes. Knowing there are others out there like me gave me a lot of comfort and peace. Like thank you LORD I am not the only one who [insert tons of little quirks.] That’s one cool thing that MB gives you: relate-ability with others on mental and emotional level.

Here were my results:


Just some things your type description gets into:
-Why you tend to behave the way you do in certain situations
-How you tend to view everything from social activities, to finances, to family life….
-How you usually are at work, in a relationship, as a parent, as an employee, as a boss, a sibling… a neighbor! Shit. So much. So much has been studied.
-It’ll highlight your strengths and weaknesses and look for patterns in behavior. Offering you insight on how other types view you as well. That’s beneficial information y’all!!

One of the things I dig the MOST about MB is that it offers a certain kind of depth and understanding that you can truly relate on with another human being that has nothing to do with how much money you each make, your age, what you look like, the color of your skin, where you’re from, the culture you grew up in, etc. What it DOES have to do with only concerns the BRAIN and HEART. How we are wired. That is DEEP, no?! I find it such a beautiful thing!

Allow me to get nerdy with you right now. I’ll admit it. Look how much I talk about this:

I freaked when one of my best friends took it. (And yes they’ve ALL taken it by now!)


And 9 times out of 10 I’m not going on a date with you unless I know your Myers Briggs. Hehe… half joking.

**Silently judging you** haha JK. This guy was actually super into it. (Most of them are!)

This next guy… he humored my enthusiasm for Myers Briggs. Bless his soul lol. I get down to it y’all! I know what I want/need hehe…. / How big of a nerd do you think he thought I was at this point? 😛

Maybe a littttttle to extroverted for me haha. That “E” is strong!

I know not ONE person yet who has taken the test and not gotten something from it. Don’t be surprised if you go nuts over it, like me! <— Can I say it enough?  GO TAKE IT!

SO! What did you guys test as?! What do you find interesting or not? Tell me I want to know you! xx

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    Rad | The Snobby Foodie

    It’s really interesting to see how your personality changes. A few years ago- my personality was completely different from the results I got just now. Great post!


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