My Mom is an eye doctor.

Growing up it’s always been:

“Katey, wear your sunglasses… you don’t want to get cataracts later in life!”
“Something is in your eye? Let me rinse it out!!” *chases me down until I agree*
“Make sure you are taking ‘eye breaks’ when you are staring into those screens!”
“If you have something in your eye, don’t rub it! Just BLINK HARD!”

I also know that carrots are great for eyesight. And so is quality fish oil. <—-Especially if you have dry eyes.

And even though I’ve had near perfect eyesight my whole life (up until recently it was always 20/20, now I need glasses for long distance driving.  Or when the tv is too far away. Womp womp.) I still know the importance of confirming to make sure my eyes are healthy as I think they are.

So needless to say, it’s been drilled into me how important it is to make sure our eyes are healthy.

I asked Mama Yurks (Dr. Yurko if we’re being proper) why we need to get our eyes checked and the main reasons why we should be getting our regular eye exams.

(No crazy jargon Mom!) Here’s what she told us.

Why it’s important and beneficial to get your eyes checked:

You could be in need of a prescription and not know it. (Ugh this happened to me! As I said, within a YEAR… from perfect to long distance blurred! I blame all my time on the computer and phone. Rar.) But yes, it’s unproductive having poor eyesight. If your visual performance could be better… um… why not make it better?! And also, call this vain, but you don’t want to be squinting all the time. (WRINKLES!)

You may have an eye alignment or focusing problem that causes eye fatigue. You may think it’s normal to have “tired” eyes after X amount of time reading, or on the computer… when really something could be wrong and maybe your eyes shouldn’t be tiring out so quickly. Again- why not fix that? If it’s not fixed, you won’t be as efficient. You won’t read as quick, or visually process things as quick. Could be a hindrance you don’t even realize you have! Another thing- tired eyes can cause headaches!

You could have an eye disease like glaucoma and not even know it. The scary thing about glaucoma is, there are no signs or symptoms of it. By the time you know something is wrong, you’ll have lost a lot of vision. If you catch it quick (and only an eye doctor can catch it) then you can preserve your eyesight. Again, there are no symptoms until shit has already hit the fan! SCARY!

You’re using the wrong eye drops to fix dry eyes. Dry eyes are a huge problem. And what sucks is that majority of the eye drops on the market these days have a chemical in it that constrict the eye vessels, making the eye look white instead of red. So the eyes look great, because they turn white for the moment…. but they have to keep using those drops to *keep* their eyes looking white. What starts to happen then is- the eye vessels stop knowing how to stay small on their own naturally… so the people need to keep using the eye drops in order for their eyes to stay white and then they get addicted to it. (Wtf! Not cool eye-care market.) Should you stop using these drops, it can take months for your eyes to get back to normal on their own.. and you’ll have to suffer red ass eyes until then. And THEN you still have the dry eye problem! So then you’ll need to start using a product that you should’ve used in the first place that treats the *actual dry eye problem* that actually CAUSES the red eye.  So point blank: these mass market eye drops mask the real problem of dry eyes. An eye doctor can detect dry eyes and help you treat the actual problem with the right drops and a planned regimen. By the way, this eye drop brand is approved by Optometrists and you can buy it on amazon. This one too.

If you’re ever in the Sacramento area (Elk Grove, to be exact) and want to visit my Mom for an eye appointment (she’s the sweetest) I’ll leave you all the info below!

Eye Optics Optometry
8246 Laguna Blvd. Suite 300
Elk Grove, CA

Number to book appointment: 916-684-6688

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  1. Avatar
    Jenni Theis

    I had no idea your mom worked in EG! I live in the area and have an optometrist I go to and trust, but if anything changes, I’ll definitely consider your mom. Thanks for the info!

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Jenni! Ahh girl thanks for reading and supporting!! Yes if you ever need a new Eye doctor, you know who to call haha! 😉

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    Edinette Dasalla

    Funny enough… Your mother is my eye doctor & she was the one who told me about Violet Fog during one of my exams after I told her I am an English Major / Journalism Minor. ?

    Glad she mentioned it to me; now I’m a loyal reader!

    Thanks Dr. Yurko!

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      That’s so awesome!! I am SO happy she told you about Violet Fog!! I showed her this comment and she was all happy hehe. 🙂 Thanks for reading Edinette!


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