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And… if you’re in a rut, (or want to keep momentum!) then I’m suggesting these songs:
Both are entirely different… but they’re trusty go-to’s for when you need a reminder that you are, indeed, a spellbinding woman. WORK. IT.

Alt-J- Hunger Of The Pine
Favorite Lyric: “…I’m a female rebel…” (Listen for it!– goosebumps)

Jay-Z featuring Kid Cudi- Already Home
…Because I love my hip hop 😛

Favorite Lyrics (two!):
“And as for the critics, they tell me I don’t get it. Everybody can tell you how to do it, but they never did it.”

“So in summation, I don’t know who you’re racing. I’m already at the finish line.. with the flag waving” (Can’t help it… love Jay.)

What quotes/lyrics pump YOU up or you just like to keep close to the heart? Don’t hold out on us if you got some good ones! 😉 Share below xx

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