Because I sure as hell wouldn’t. I would quicker wear cotton candy scented body spray -the kind found at Walgreens circa 1999- than smell like the ex. Heck… NO.

Scent… is so personal. And powerful. A familiar scent can trigger all SORTS of memories.

Even memories that you didn’t even know were still lingering in your mind. Like it took some random ass SMELL to take you back there and it’s so… out of the blue. You know? It’s weird to think about how smell can do that.

For instance, I used to run along the Bay in San Diego and there was this one stretch of maybe 50 feet that had a (very random) familiar scent I could never pinpoint. Then one day it hit me: Oxy cleansing pads. Those alcohol wipes that dry the hell out of your skin we used as kids to fight zits. Haha! SO weird that I’d even remember those, let alone what they smelled like after all these years! Once I’d made the connection though, I couldn’t run by that smell and NOT think of my 12 year old self… just face full of zits. Good Lord. (Oh… and eff middle school dude. I hated those years! lol.)

But look. Even if it was my FAVORITE scent in the world, there’s ZERO CHANCE I would wear the same perfume as my guy’s ex if I knew what she wore. Psh… like I’d want him having reminders of HER hoe ass all the time!… Yeah right!

(Totally kidding on the hoe part– but who really is an actual FAN of exes, yanno? Don’t lie!)

Now granted, I CAN be a litttttle dramatic every now and then… but this “same perfume as his ex” incident happened to me once, and when I found out– I was PISSED.

I had been with this great guy for two years at the time, and one day we were at the mall and I decided to buy myself some new perfume. We tested so many and he actually had a (semi) opinion on what he liked for me. After a good half hour, we decided on one. I was stoked on it. I thought it smelled absolutely fabulous and was perfect for me. He agreed, adding, “you know… that one was my favorite of them all! I’m glad you picked it.”

It was Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Semi trendy… but I loved it. 😉

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel-4

Well…. for a few DAYS I loved it.

One Saturday evening my then boyfriend’s ex showed up at my work. Now… most ex’s I’m just not a fan of. Sorry, I know– I’m supposed to be “Go women! All women! I love ALL women!” all the time- but the fact is, I’m not. Not always always, at least. I’m not perfect. I can be a tad psycho. *adjusts halo* lol

Truth about ex girlfriends: I’d never be rude or malicious towards them. I actually make an effort to act the opposite and be polite. BUT. That’s on the outside. Deep down… nothing will make me unfairly not like a girl quicker than the fact that she used to date the guy I’m in love with. Is what it is people.

But this particular ex of his was like… a dream ex to deal with, if you ever had to deal with ex’s. I wanted to not like her –she was the most recent EX! Hello!!?– but I couldn’t. She was SO cool, SO sweet, SO respectful of mine and his relationship. Plus, we had mutual friends. I actually really liked her.

Anyway. She gives me a hug and goes, “Mmmm Coco Mademoiselle huh? I’ve been wearing that for like 7 years now! It’s the only scent I wear, I can’t find one that’s better!”

SKIIIIIIIRD. *in my head*: What bish?!? WHAT?!?Seven years?! So obviously you wore it while you were with my boyfriend too. *insides literally start burning up* haha

I smiled warmly (it wasn’t meant to be a dig) and agreed with her, “Girl… it’s the best!!”

But later that night? Ohhhhh sheeit. After work I went home to his place and like a f*cking psycho creep, sat at the edge of his bed and was like (changing all names here), “GRANT. WAKE UP.”

*startled* “What babe? You okay?”
*buzzed Katey* “NO. I’m mad about something.”
*gives that “here we go” face* “What is it?”
“Well I found out that Megan wears Coco Mademoiselle too! And I’m SURE you knew about it!”
*literally rubbing his eyes… he’s half asleep* “What the f*ck is Coco Mademoiselle?”
“The perfume!!! The perfume I JUST bought that you said was your favorite out of all the perfumes I tried!!! She’s worn it for the past SEVEN YEARS, Grant!”
*gives the “are you crazy?” look* “Uhhh… so?”
“So?! So you wanted me to have the same scent as your ex girlfriend!? That’s messed up!! And weird!”
“Are you being serious right now??!! I had no idea.”
“You had NO idea?”
*letting some crazy out* “You didn’t think it smelled even a LITTLE bit familiar?!”
*smells me* (lol) “Now that I think about it… yeah, she did wear that.”
“Omfg. I’m returning it.”
“Don’t be insane.”
“I don’t want you thinking about her when you smell me! Scent can trigger some serious shit!”
“I didn’t think of her before when I smelled it in the store??”
“I bet you did on a subliminal level!”
“You… are nuts. Love you… goodnight.”

Did I return it the next morning? Hell yes I did. The lady who sold it to me tried to talk me out of it, but when I told her the story even she was like, “Oh girl, even my commission ain’t worth arguing that. I could never wear the same perfume as my man’s ex.” We hugged. I bought other stuff from her. Stranger homegirl moment 100%. #NiceGirlsClub

What would you guys do? I was dramatic– yes. But would you have kept the perfume if you knew the EX used to wear it? Seriously think about it and share your thoughts below. Because my ex and I have since laughed about that story and I still think I was right- and he still thinks I was crazy to return it. LOL

We’ve been broken up for a few years now and with no ex to rain on my parade (I’m still friends with her! Awesome girl)… I re-bought the perfume for myself. Can’t help it– smells sooooo good!

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Coco Mademoiselle Chanel-2

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